#4 – Beautiful Intrusions

Over the weekend, I accomplished Task #4 in the battle of the UNsCelebrate the Happiness of Someone Else.  While doing so….enter stage right…a life lesson called Beautiful Intrusions.

To celebrate the happiness of someone else, I planned to crash a wedding on Friday night and attend a wedding that I was formally invited to on Saturday.  Friday night was an epic fail but Saturday was the real deal…



The Wedding Cake:  Slice me! Eat Me!  Smash me in someone’s face!

As if the wedding cake wasn’t enough to give every guest a giant sugar rush, a tradition in this part of the country is to have a cookie buffet at wedding receptions.  The family of the bride and groom made home-made cookies….enough for every guest to eat several hundred dozen.  Sugar + open bar + a DJ not afraid to play Thriller and the Village People’s YMCA absolutely made the UNs temporarily disappear.

Cookie Buffet The Cookie Buffet.  Pick me!  Eat me!  Take me home for later!

During the wedding service, the preacher mentioned something about Beautiful Intrusions.  He said that in a Christian marriage, God intrudes into your human relationship.  I thought about this statement and decided that it’s true.  Sometimes God is invited to intrude into our lives and sometime’s not, but each time He enters the picture, the intrusion is beautiful whether we immediately realize it or not.

The day after the wedding, my dad, sister, aunt, uncle, and I went to the graveyard together to visit my mom’s resting place.  It was the first time I had been there since her death in March.


Standing above my mother’s grave…seeing her name  perpetually inscribed on the surface of a stone…I remembered what the preacher said during the wedding about Beautiful Intrusions

At the end of a life, God forcefully intrudes.  He takes someone away from our grasp.  Sorrow runs deep.  It seems impossible to see any beauty in the icy feelings of reality…a life alone without the person we love.

So, as the five of us stood at the cemetery, watering flowers and feeling the intensity of our own pain and loss…I thought…but what about her?  Where did she go?  Did her tiny ship lower its anchor in a more beautiful place like I wrote about on the day she died?  Is the pain of her long illness gone?  Can she hear music more lovely than Thriller and the YMCA?  Is she…could she be…is it an impossible concept to believe that she is looking down on us and is…happy?

If the answer to any or all of those questions is yes…then at that very moment…as I processed the reality of seeing her name and date on that stone…I quietly and tearfully celebrated the happiness of someone else…in the truest and most emotionally difficult sense possible.

Task #4, I declare you complete.

Have there been any Beautiful Intrusions in your own life?

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  1. I am elated when I see an addict or alcoholic pick up that medallion for one year clean and sober. They are on the road to a second chance at life. I am joyous in their new freedom.


    • What you describe is certainly a Hallelujah moment and I ADMIRE you for recognizing the struggle and rejoicing with them on their new paths in life.


  2. I love the Beautiful Intrusions concept!!!! How true it is when you explained that during death God forcefully intrudes—what an emotional time this weekend was for you. God’s presence in our lives daily is indeed a beautiful intrusion and nothing can be viewed quite the same anymore. For me my whole outlook has changed and I know that there is a bigger purpose and a larger reason to my existence on earth though I may not really understand it completely at this point. Thank you for the post today and for opening my eyes once again to the beauty of God in my life and the new concept to me of beautiful intrusion. Have a blessed day.


    • …and a blessed day is wished back to you.

      I skuttled over to your blog and LOVE today’s teapot post. Everyone – check it out – Beth Ann has discovered a teapot that should be on everyone’s wish list, and I swear it would not be a foolish purchase.


  3. I have never seen a cookie buffet before. That is quite impressive and has me thinking I need to crash some weddings in your part of the country!


  4. Posted by suzicate on June 7, 2011 at 9:04 am

    thank you for sharing the concept of beautiful intrusions, and glad you were able to pinpoint this. Hugs.


  5. Absolutely a flawless post, Tracy!

    A beautiful fusion of enlightenment, inspiration, and drizzled with humor!

    LOVE your concept of Beautiful Intrusions….

    “Sometimes God is invited to intrude into our lives and sometime’s not, but each time He enters the picture, the intrusion is beautiful whether we immediately realize it or not.”

    I so agree. And that’s why I try to live my life in the moment; noticing the sometimes ‘subtle’ intrusions where God speaks to me.

    “+ a DJ not afraid to play Thriller and the Village People’s YMCA absolutely made the UNs temporarily disappear.”

    You GO, DJ! Those are two of my favorite songs!

    Thank you for sharing this post today, Tracy. Muchly enjoyed!


    P.S. that wedding cake looked delicious!


  6. I feel that way about how my dad died, but I also see it as a beautiful intrusion because I saw my dad failing and so depressed with how his body was giving out, and although he died in a traumatic accident, I absolutely see that God’s timing was perfect in it.


  7. Posted by pattisj on June 7, 2011 at 11:44 am

    Your sentiments regarding your mother’s happiness was a totally unexpected twist,and I can’t imagine anyone,anywhere whose happiness compares. I’m glad you were able to see her in that light. A God intrusion?


  8. What a beautiful post. A wedding and a visit to a loved one’s grave. Both to celebrate another’s happiness. Thank you for sharing two more successful events that pushed away the UNs. Blessings to you, Tracy…


  9. This made me think. Lovely words.
    My life has been filled with the beautiful intrusion of my children. Especially my youngest who is special needs and has brought more love, sorrow and joy into my life than I ever expected. A gift. (=


    • Thinking can be dangerous sometimes 🙂 Jo, so be careful when you start to think. My nephew is autistic and he, too, has been a very special gift to our family.


  10. Posted by Bonnie on June 7, 2011 at 7:38 pm

    This is truly a very meaningful post. You really have a beautiful way with words, Tracy.


  11. Posted by Kalli on June 7, 2011 at 11:04 pm

    thank you for sharing this with us! i do believe something beautiful happens and that life is about more than who is left behind.


  12. Great idea!!! And that is a beautiful wedding cake. WOW.


  13. What a beautiful post from beginning to end. The wedding photos are gorgeous, and I’m sure your mom was looking down and smiling at you and your family when you visited her.


  14. What a beautiful post Tracy and what a tribute to your Mom. I am sure that she is around you at all times. I know that my late husband is always there.
    As time passes you will become moire comfortable with her being there all the time – I still share the funny things of the day with Bob. Am I mad – I think not. As with my husband, your Mom will always be with you Tracy looking down and loving you.
    Thanks for sharing.


  15. so pretty. your writing and thought-flow are a journey that leaves the reader calmer and more content. thank u for sharing about your Mom. I have a personal horror imagining the (hopefully distant) day when I’ll lose mine. thank u for letting me know how u r doing. i’ll remember. keep on.


  16. Hi Tracy .. I’m sure your mother is looking down .. in peace that you’re all getting on with your lives .. and yet took time out to visit her .. the wedding I’m sure took your mind off things a little and you all enjoyed the happiness and time out together ..

    Interesting that aspect about God intruding .. I certainly hadn’t thought of it like that – but it certainly is and makes so much sense … very thought provoking .. with thoughts Hilary


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