The UN Page

The Feeling of UN is a general sense of  feeling UNcertain…UNappreciated…UNinspired…UNmotivated, and so on.

Have you ever felt this way? 

In May 2011, I was really feelin it.   I needed to…

I vowed to beat the Feeling of UN during the summer of 2011 in the following ways,

based on reader suggestions. 

Here you will find updates and links to posts about how I am…

Beating the Feeling of UN. 


Make a Significant Difference in the Life of Someone Else (per Judith, it must be a person who I am not related to and outside of my circle of friends).

STATUS:  In May, I decided to be a Big Sister in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program.  Process is underway and I’m awaiting assignment of a Little.


Dress up and go out on a date with Mr. Backbone

STATUS:  Our date occured on Saturday May 21.  Although I was sick (boo!), we had a great time, and my spirits were definitely lifted.  If you have the UNs, I highly recommend that you dress up and go out somewhere fancy!


Go with the flow and let life happen, by SuziCate, and seconded by Ron and Penny.

STATUS:  Over Memorial Day Weekend, I learned a valuable lesson about the art of doing nothing.


Celebrate the happiness of someone else.

STATUS:  Happiness was found in two beautiful intrusions…in a church and at a gravesite.


Purge a closet or a drawer, by Sindey.

STATUS:  I’m in the process of identifying the lucky drawer to be purged.


Think about what you used to like to do as a kid.  Do that.  By Andie.

STATUS:  I liked annoying my little sister, so we got together in mid-July and threw raw eggs at each other.


Courtesy of Mike, do a shot of Jack Daniels. 

STATUS:  Oh boy!  The shot was taken during a weekend-long motorcycle rally.  It really got my motor running…


Travel, and make it worthwhile, suggested by Jo.

STATUS:  During a girls-only trip to New Mexico, I attended the Taos Pueblo Pow Wow.  The expression of culture, tradition, and spirituality was amazing to witness.  It was very worthwhile!


Conquer a fear, bravely stated by Andie.

STATUS:  In the process of working on the  fear of blame.


Go outside early in the morning and listen to the birds sing, by Carol Ann.

STATUS:  The birds were singing at sunrise in Palm Canyon…chirp, chirp, chirp.

# 11

Take the road less traveled, by Stacey.

STATUS:  Without a map, I hiked with Mr. Backbone high above the palms of Palm Canyon…and then we nearly got lost.

# 12


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  1. learn a new hobby/craft


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