Who Am I?   That’s the one question that plagues most of us, all of our lives.

I’m not going to tell you about ME  just yet.  First, let’s talk about YOU.  Who are you? 

There are many things that can contribute to the answer.  Could it be your name?  Your appearance?  Your job?  Is it what rung you hold on the social ladder or how large or small your bank account is?  What about your age, where you grew up, or maybe even your zodiac sign? When someone asks who you are, that’s the information you probably give.  Why? 

Have we all be trained to put who we are into such a neat little who am I box?!?!   Think about it, how many people really, honestly know the REAL you? Do you even know the REAL you? 

The Chameleon’s Backbone is about discovering who we are.  Our true selves.  What lies beneath it all.  Our cores.  Everything else around us can change – our looks, our environments, our social circumstances, and even important stuff like our family structure and health.  Like chameleons, we adapt, we adjust, we can even go with the flow.  But, our BACKBONES, that solid block of who I am will stay the same…always. 

This site documents the journey of discovering my own BACKBONE and learning how flexible it is (or isn’t), where it is weak, strong, and even misaligned, and how it carries me through life.  Along the way you will learn how to understand and appreciate your own BACKBONE, which is exceptional and unique.

And…in case you were wondering…yes, chameleons really do have backbones.

Welcome to The Chameleon’s Backbone.

My name is Tracy and it’s nice to meet you.  I have gone through many ups and downs.  I was once very confused about who I was and had a very hard time dealing with change.  Change was happening all around me and my body was changing as I moved in what seemed like lightning speed from age 18 to mid-life (yikes – do I have to admit that I just turned 40!?!).  We can’t stop change, but we can learn how to embrace it and not let it bend us into someone we were never meant to be.    I hope that you will continue reading as we explore life’s joys and challenges together. 

I am currently blogging twice a week, on Tuesdays and Saturdays.  Welcome aboard!


If you want to know more about me, check out Boxing a Chameleon, Part 1.


Illustration © Paul Morris




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