Kiss My Talented Putt

Is there something that you’re really good at doing? 

Compared to the population at-large, are you a great dancer, artist, writer, singer, scientist, or athlete?

Pick one thing….anything that you’re good at doing…and then read on.

Did you pick something?  I didn’t.  I can’t.  I don’t think I’m great at anything in particular…for two specific reasons.  1) I don’t practice and, 2) I don’t focus.  I do a little of this…a little of that…and have so many different interests that I’ve never focused on anything long enough or hard enough to be considered well above average. 

I’m in awe of people who have mastered a talent or a sport. 

Mr. Backbone is a great golfer.  He can’t dance, but he can sure shake things up on a golf course.

BurghGolferIn the Hole

I don’t play with him very often because I ah hem, suck at golf.  But, today I found my balls and went.  He took me to couples-golf.  It’s kind of like couples therapy, except there’s no therapist, no zone of emotional safety, and plenty of fuel for hot arguments.

On the Green 

By some divine intervention, I made one better shot than he did on the green.  And that, my friends, gave me the honor of telling him to KISS MY PUTT.  Wow…this couples-golf  idea really was better than therapy.

   Kiss my putt

Don't Brag

I’ve always wondered if I could be really good at something if I practiced.  In high-school I played 3 sports, but could never pick one that I liked more than the other. There were music  lessons, dancing lessons, and even a cooking class or two.  The more activities I tried, the more I liked, and never found one single calling or passion.

Fast forward 20 years and I’m still the same way.  My talent is diversity.  I’m a chameleon. 

Each person has been given specific talents and abilities that make them unique.  Your own talents may be obvious, or you might be like me and have to dig a little deeper to identify them.  Simply being a friendly and happy person, a good listener, a compassionate soul, or a dedicated mother, father, or grandparent can be abilities that other people envy. 

People have so many amazing talents and abilities.  What are yours?

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  1. It’s that one good stroke..that one great putt that keeps me coming back. It may be only one in the whole game but for me that is enough! I’m a little bit good at a few things but no great talent anywhere. I can live with that!


    • There’s different stokes for differnt folks. I’ll hit a great shot once in a while, too, but overall I’m out there just to have fun, no matter how embarrassing the score card looks.


  2. Posted by Susan on June 11, 2011 at 7:50 am

    I’t’s sometimes hard to admit our talents and we may not even realize what they are until someone else tells us. I care about people and I’m a great nurse. Sports, on the other hand, are not my thing.


    • It’s called humility, which I respect in those who display the trait. The world needs more compassionate nurses, and I APPLAUD you for being one of the great ones!!! My mom was a nurse, and she shares your name, too. Have a great weekend Susan. Nice to see you back here!!


  3. I am exactly the same. I have very, very little focus and I’m always hopping back and forth between so many different things. My fiance was the type who could sit down and do one thing until completion; not me, and it drove him batty. I think there’s a few things I excel at a little more than others: writing, obviously, and dance was my passion in high school, too, and I tend to really miss that. I had to drop it in college because it was just a little too much and I couldn’t dedicate as much time to it as I wanted to.

    Thanks for this post, to validate the fact that it’s okay to be a Jack of All Trade, Master of None. What better way to embrace all the great things life has to offer by trying a little bit of everything?


  4. I am a dabbler. I do a little of this and a little of that, but I’ve never mastered anything. I am not focused or dedicated to any one form.


  5. “But, today I found my balls and went.”

    Bwhahahahahahhahahaha! LOVED that, Tracy!!!!!!

    Yup…I’m kinda like you, I dabble in so many things because so many things interest me. And as far as mastering something, the closest I’ve come to mastering something would be my acting, yet even THAT is something which is never totally mastered. I don’t know if we ever really ‘master’ anything because there is always something more to learn and master. I think it’s a journey.

    Also, things that I thought I would never be any good or had any previous interest in (such as computers, web customizing, and other technical stuff) I surprised myself by being not half bad at it.

    I love to learn. Therefore, I guess that would be my talent. Learning.

    Fab post, girl! Have a great weekend!


    P.S. when I was kid, my father took me golfing all the time. Never really enjoyed it, however I did develope a talent for driving the golf cart – Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


    • I LOVE that you find the humor in these posts, Ron. I was wondering if anyone was going to pick up on the BALLS comment. Speaking if driving golf carts, I saw someone flip one – he was on a slope and reached down to get a beer, and FLIP it went. Poor (drunk) guy.


  6. I tried golf ONCE and after that disaster at the one with the zebra, never again.


  7. Can’t dance, can’t sing and my golf and bridge both suck. So I’m sticking to writing blogs.
    Great post Tracy.


  8. Posted by pattisj on June 12, 2011 at 4:06 pm

    I used to golf, not well, but it was a nice way to enjoy the great outdoors. I don’t know that I’m really good at anything. I try something for awhile, and that leads to something else…


    • Hi Patti – good point about the domino effect of interests! I think golf is the one sport that a lot of people try once, or a few times, and then quit. I think it’s difficult…and expensive. I’d rather go for a walk in the woods or on a bike ride for free.


  9. oh gosh. i TOTALLY relate.

    i have done so many things in my life. i have several passions. and i’m always discovering something new i want to do or learn. i’ll be in a store and think to myself, eh, i could make one of those better and then go home and do it.

    i’m resourceful and crafty, but i do not have one thing i’m super good at. nope.

    i changed my major 8 times in college. I finally became a writer, which is a passion and recently discovered photography which im equally excited about.

    oh, and i SUCK at anything athletic.


    • You changed your major eight times. Eight?!? My parents would have strapped me down with a leather belt and made me stare into the course catelogue until the decision was made. I changed my major once…and it was early enough that all the credits I previously took counted.


  10. Posted by Andie on June 13, 2011 at 11:16 am

    I read the other day that each of us has 500-600 individual talents. I wish I could source the reference for you here but it seems that a strong memory for reference is not one of my talents. :O) Sometimes others are able to see our talents and our “gifts” better than we are. I won’t list 500 of them but I would say…YOU excel at giving and sharing those things in life that are most important.

    If I may be so bold to share something in your blogosphere today it would be this… we all have a lot to give so give it away and give it freely. The “smallest” and simplest of things make the biggest difference in people’s lives and we are all talented and capable to give it away so let’s get busy people.


    • Five to six HUNDRED?!?! Wow…I better get busy discovering them. Let’s see…I can boil water…

      I agree about the small things. They really can make a huge difference in someone’s life, and then forever cease to be small.


  11. Posted by Bonnie on June 13, 2011 at 7:00 pm

    I admire someone who can learn and play golf. My ex-husband took me to the driving range one day to teach me, and in trying to kill the ball I jarred my neck pretty bad. After that, I decided to stick to the only sport I’m even remotely good at – frisbee. 🙂 Great pics!!


    • Bonnie – Maybe you should give frisbee golf a try! There’s a course here in Pittsburgh, which I haven’t tried but it looks quite interesting. Sounds like you’d be a rising star, and there’s no neck jarring involved :-).


  12. I’m a writer so that’s where the majority of my effort goes. I will say this, though, the key is to find something you love and throw yourself into it. Then you’ll become really good at it. But there’s nothing wrong with having several interests and doing them all. It’s all in what makes you happy.


  13. Those feel good moments of victory don’t happen every day, so when they do, you grab ’em! 😀

    I am learning more about who I am right now but my general feel would be that I also find myself gifted in many things but I’ve never felt like I’ve actually mastered any particular skill. I sometimes envy those who have. It is as if I search to label myself somehow and I can’t find the shape I fit into or the label that belongs to me. For who I’ve been till now I struggle to see that versatility as a gift and more of the time I merely feel lost. I’m in a changing season of my life. What used to be is no more and I don’t know what it is supposed to be now. Frankly, my dear, I don’t know what I’m doing, but I don’t feel like I do anything well enough to go full on with it… where does that leave me….? I honestly pray that I’ll be able to look back over this time and somehow it will make more sense in the greater scheme of things… Right now I don’t feel gifted or privileged… I just feel dumb and lost…


    • You’re not alone…I used to feel the same way you do…and sometimes I still do. My opinion is that versitility IS a gift. I know from experience that it can seem overwhelming when you try to focus in on one thing. You know who you are…you are YOU and that doesn’t require a definition. Try to focus on one thing at a time. Job, family, interests, values, etc. They don’t all need to align….and in the end….it WILL all make sense.


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