# 5 – Finding Hell in a Drawer

Continuing on with the Battle of the UNs, I backtracked to complete Task #5…the purging of a closet or drawer as suggested by Sidney.

IMG_2556There is one particular drawer in my house that was nearing an overflow explosion of great proportions.  It’s the one that I fill with papers that are “not important enough for the safe deposit box, yet way, way, wayyyyy too important to mix in with anything else.”

I purged its guts onto the floor…

and started to to rifle through the contents. 

Among paperwork about insurance policies, retirement accounts, and other legitimate important-ness, I found THIS little gem:


Seriously.  There it was.  Right under my Social Security Statement.  This little 23-page pocket guide to hell was stored in a drawer side-by-side with the Social Security Administration’s verification that I earned $3.35/hour in the summer of ’88 working as a “salad bar girl” at the local rural airport.   

I have no CLUE why this pamphlet was in my “important stuff” drawer.  I obviously put it there, but why?

Did I have a good reason to think that my soul was destined for eternal destruction?  If so, did I honestly believe that having a pocket manual to punishment was going to make things go a little easier?  Did I need directions for the damned? 

I want to read it, but sub-headings like…

  • Where is Hell Located?;
  • Punishment by Cold; and
  • Greatest Pain of Hell

…have me a little freaked out tonight. 

Plus, I  hate the cold and I don’t particularly want to know where Hell is located…although I have a pretty good idea that it’s somewhere near the storage locker at an airport salad bar in Pennsylvania.

In my own belief, I think that there definitely is a Hell and that the choice to go there is made during life, primarily by outright rejecting God.  I can only assume that’s the point of the pamphlet and the reason why I decided to throw it in the important drawer.  After all, what can be more important than a reminder that after this mortal life, there is more yet to come?

Do you believe in an afterlife?

Thanks again to Sidney and her suggestion to purge a drawer.  Half of the contents were trashed, the other half were organized, and one little hellish pamphlet was…ahhh, I have no idea what to do with the thing…but I’m sure it will find a new drawer and shock the next person who finds it there.

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  1. Love it! and am purging myself in preparation for a move but no way have I come across something like this. Don’t blame you for being reluctant to read…what if reading it is an automatic ticket in??? Yikes!


  2. Hell is getting a certified letter from the ex’s attorney. Even though the divorce was in 1984. They always think up something.


  3. With the current state of affairs (economically that is!), they could attach that right to the Social Security package!


  4. I definitely believe in an afterlife, and that’s why death doesn’t scare me. The pain of it does, but not death itself.

    I wonder if that is a reflection of the fact we’re all likely not to receive a darn thing from Social Security when it’s our time. Perhaps those days will indeed be hell for us.


    • My SS statement already has a footnote at the bottom that says there likely won’t be full funding for SS when I reach retirement age. Unfortunately, I think it’s going to be hell for a lot of people when the time comes to retire, and they can’t.


  5. Posted by beverlydiehl on August 16, 2011 at 11:09 am

    While I have occasionally fantasized about suitably horrific punishments for child molesters, I cannot imagine expending the thought and energy to create an entire book on hell. For one thing, it’s already been done (Dante.) For another, creating Hell is easy – just take an island and drop all the over-the-top religious zealots there: Jew, Christian, Muslim, atheist & others.

    Maybe you saved it for the pure entertainment value of the thing?

    Rather spend my energy and thoughts on ways to make life better for those I love, and people in general. Good for you for purging the drawer!


  6. Tracy, this is just to ironic because I also have one drawer in my apartment that is filled with papers and misc stuff that I’ve thrown in there over the past couple of year. Well, last week I decided to clean it out and found a LOAD of stuff I totally forgot about.

    And yes, I definitely believe in an afterlife – without a doubt.

    And I also believe in hell, but not as a ‘place.’ More of a state of mind.

    Fab post, girl! I was so happy to see that you posted today 🙂



    • Purging drawers like that are so much fun (caugh) but do reveal some interesting finds. My posting schedule is so “off” lately…lots of non-blog worthy things going on lately. Nice to always see you here, Ron…brightens my day!


  7. Yes! Every now and again a good clean-up does wonders! Yes, I do believe in a life after this one: a heaven and a hell, and yes, I agree that the choice of destination is made while you breath; something that many take for granted – sadly! (We don’t know when the last one will be.)


  8. Posted by pattisj on August 17, 2011 at 12:59 am

    I believe there is an afterlife, and we have a choice to make as to where we will spend it.


  9. why yes my dear i DO believe in an afterlife. That’s one thing I’m not confused about.

    OH man, don’t we ALL have a drawer like that. What’s worse than the paper drawer is the kitchen junk drawer.. you know what i’m talking about??

    ugh, Lord knows what you’ll find in there


    • I just took a peek into my kitchen junk drawer. When a candle burns down to the very end, a normal person would throw the little left over piece away, right?


  10. I do believe in the afterlife, although sometimes I find the concept of reincarnation fascinating. That God would keep sending us back until we get it right… It seems interesting to me. I probably saw too many movies growing up!


  11. This is a funny post and I’m totally with Stephanie. We keep returning here until we get it right!


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