Frustration Nation

Sunday night’s festivities went from happy to crappy for us fans living in Pittsburgh, the epicenter of the Steelers Nation.  Can’t win them all I suppose.

A lot of people say that HD TV is the only way to watch football – it ups the realness factor.  I wasn’t feelin’ like the living room was floating above Dallas TX, but I did get as close to the HD pixels as possible to test out the feeling of being one with the team…

I guess the picture looked good.  Call me crazy but I can’t really tell a huge difference between broadcasts in HD and regular TV.  Maybe I would do a closer inspection if Armani had sponsored one of those $1 million, 30-second commercial spots featuring a shirtless David Beckham.  I can be shallow that way sometimes.

So HD TV is not my thing, but one piece of modern broadcasting technology that I am totally digging right now is:

The Outdoor Channel’s live Eagle cam.  I’m obsessed with watching this eagle sit in her nest…on an egg…in West Virginia.  When that little redneck baby eagle hatches…it’s gonna be famous I tell ya.  Maybe they should broadcast the hatching in HD :-).

Jan 29, 2011 - 3:50pm ETThe website to check it out is  If you don’t see an eagle obsessively warming an egg, check back later.  She’s probably out killing a mouse or taking care of other important Eagle business.

When I invest time or money into anything requiring power, I want to turn it on and have it work…immediately.  Reading through instruction manuals, setting up programs, figuring out gadgets…is not my idea of a good time.  It frustrates me to no end.  If it’s too complicated, I use the whatever-it-is the best I can, far below its intended capacity. 

Case in point.  I think my car takes voice commands but I have no desire to figure out how to operate that feature.  The other day I hit a button on my steering wheel and the car asked me which radio station I wanted.  I’ve had this car since 2006 and didn’t even know it could talk.  It would be much more useful if we could converse about meaningful subjects…like which nearby martini bars are having happy hour…or when the redneck eagle baby is going to hatch…or where David Beckham will be stripping down for the next Armani ad.  

Complicated technology is my greatest source of frustration.  What frustrates you?

The eagle cam captivates me for a reason I don’t understand.  If you could set up a live web cam to watch anything in action, 24/7, what would you pick to watch?

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  1. Posted by susan on February 8, 2011 at 12:08 am

    Retail shopping totally frustrates me. Instead of high prices, sales, coupons, and early bird specials, why don’t they just charge a fair price and save us all the headache of sale shopping and stress over paying retail. Can you tell I’m frustrated just thinking about it!


    • I can, and I’m with you. I hate paying sticker prices at the department store when I know for a fact that the item I want will be on clearance the next week!


  2. Posted by duke1959 on February 8, 2011 at 9:38 am

    What a beautiful picture. You are correct about the prices they charged department stores. Then they come out with these big discounts. Then people run to the stores thinking that they are getting some big savings. The reality is that all these stores are doing is cutting back their markups.


  3. Television has become way too complicated. Why is it men don’t seem to mind this? I remember a time when you plugged in a television and BANG two or three channels were there even though you didn’t have cable. You could watch television in any room of the house, just move the set. You could watch it outside, in the trailer and in the cottage without any extras. Now you’ve got wires for various things, so where the television goes is it’s permanent location. That stinks for someone who loves to rearrange the livingroom every six months or so. Our livingroom hasn’t changed in more than six years. How static and boring is that? But men don’t change, so they’re fine with that. Women love change, embrace it, so the television with a short leash sucks.

    Of all the technology in my life, it is the television that frustrates me. At this rate, in ten years, the average Josephine won’t be able to set up or operate one.

    What would I watch for 24 hour action? How about a baby in the womb or a morning glory from first sprout to bloom?


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