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Kiss My Talented Putt

Is there something that you’re really good at doing? 

Compared to the population at-large, are you a great dancer, artist, writer, singer, scientist, or athlete?

Pick one thing….anything that you’re good at doing…and then read on.

Did you pick something?  I didn’t.  I can’t.  I don’t think I’m great at anything in particular…for two specific reasons.  1) I don’t practice and, 2) I don’t focus.  I do a little of this…a little of that…and have so many different interests that I’ve never focused on anything long enough or hard enough to be considered well above average. 

I’m in awe of people who have mastered a talent or a sport. 

Mr. Backbone is a great golfer.  He can’t dance, but he can sure shake things up on a golf course.

BurghGolferIn the Hole

I don’t play with him very often because I ah hem, suck at golf.  But, today I found my balls and went.  He took me to couples-golf.  It’s kind of like couples therapy, except there’s no therapist, no zone of emotional safety, and plenty of fuel for hot arguments.

On the Green 

By some divine intervention, I made one better shot than he did on the green.  And that, my friends, gave me the honor of telling him to KISS MY PUTT.  Wow…this couples-golf  idea really was better than therapy.

   Kiss my putt

Don't Brag

I’ve always wondered if I could be really good at something if I practiced.  In high-school I played 3 sports, but could never pick one that I liked more than the other. There were music  lessons, dancing lessons, and even a cooking class or two.  The more activities I tried, the more I liked, and never found one single calling or passion.

Fast forward 20 years and I’m still the same way.  My talent is diversity.  I’m a chameleon. 

Each person has been given specific talents and abilities that make them unique.  Your own talents may be obvious, or you might be like me and have to dig a little deeper to identify them.  Simply being a friendly and happy person, a good listener, a compassionate soul, or a dedicated mother, father, or grandparent can be abilities that other people envy. 

People have so many amazing talents and abilities.  What are yours?

Natural-Born Talent

On Wednesday I talked about not having kids.  There are certainly some down sides.  But, there are also up-sides.  For one, I’ve never had to deal with a melt-down in the toy section of Target.  Have you seen those, or experienced one from your own child… 

Princess:  Mommy.  I said.  I want.  This Zhu Zhu Pet.

Mom:  No honey, but maybe Santa will bring it.

Devil Princess:  I want.  It now.  Throw body down in the isle; pound on the dirty floor; scream and cry loud enough to burst a little lung; make sure strangers are watching.

Nope, I’ve never had to deal with one of those…thank goodness!

I’ve also never had to search for a reliable babysitter.  Being child-free opens up all kinds of opportunity to hit the town after work on a whim… which we do about twice a week year.  A few days ago we went out for a dinner, a few adult-beverages, and then to see Bryan Adams in concert – no babysitter required. 

The tour was called Bare Bones because it was just Bryan, his guitar, and a piano player.  A musician’s raw talent (or lack thereof) is very apparent in this type of setting. 

He voice was great.  Super great.  Awesomely great.  I guess that’s why he’s still touring after 30 years.  Yesterday my friend asked me how I liked the concert.  After gushing about how smokin’ a 51-year-old rock star can look from row P, I realized she was asking about the music.  “He has natural-born talent,” I said. 


Photo Source

This brings up a question.  Are people born with a love of music and the natural ability to play an instrument or sing?   Or, do they develop musical ability through exposure and practice?  

My parents were of the 60s generation.  I grew up listing to the Beetles, Elvis, The Beach Boys, and about 100 other groups on our family record player.  Mr. Backbone’s parents were from the 50s.  His family wasn’t into music as much.   I love music (and would rather have a stereo than a TV).  I’m a terrible singer, but can tap along to anything with a rhythm.  Mr. Backbone can’t.  Did our upbringings have an effect?  Or, were we naturally born with different dispositions to the down beat?

Do you have any natural-born talents?  If so, have they played a role in your life or career?

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