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Monumental…the Movie

Monumental MovieTonight I saw Kirk Cameron’s movie “Monumental.”

The showing was a one-night “live” event, with Kirk (from a viewing party in his living room??) on real-time video feeding into 550 theaters across America.  It was like he was right there…in our theater…only he wasn’t.  He had a buffet of salads on his dining room table.  We had sticky floors and the smell of stale popcorn.

You would think that a low-budget documentary is not going to draw a crowd.  But, walking in 2 minutes past showtime proved to be a BIG mistake.  I lacked the personal responsibility to be punctual and plan ahead for dinner.  This banished me to the 2nd row….with a bunch of sweet potato fries smuggled inside my purse.

The place was totally packed.

Without giving away the movie, Kirk traces the footsteps of the Pilgrims…from England…to Holland…back to England….to their ride on the Mayflower to Plymouth Rock.  The film’s overarching message is that the United States is headed for moral, social, economic, and political disaster if we don’t get back on track and hold up the principles that America was founded upon….particularly religious freedom and Christian beliefs.

To me, the film was not particularly entertaining, but then again, it wasn’t meant to entertain.  It was meant to deliver a message….a call to Americans to take personal responsibility for their own lives and the State of the Union and to demand that our government base American law on the country’s founding principles.

Personally, I believe that government should reflect the will of the people.  Once, the collective will was a strong, consistent message.  Then came the 1960s…and the 70s….and today the messages sent to Washington DC by the “will of the people” are many….and mixed…and confusing….and some would say, interpreted in public policy in ways that are screwing up our country.

I know Kirk’s position…that a government based on biblical “law” is the way to go.  For me, I think that there IS a strong “collective will of the people” brewing but too many are sitting back, watching Dancing with the Stars, and waiting for someone else to voice it.

Our Constitution is about the rights of free people.  Many people fought and died for these rights…for the benefit of their descendants…that means me and you.  If these rights are weakened and lost, it will be because we didn’t defend them….we didn’t continue to demand them…we didn’t express our will.

Do you have strong personal convictions?  Do you express them, or keep them to yourself?