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Place Matters

I said in my last post that I like tropical vacations.  I do.  I really do.  However, I also really appreciate my own city – Pittsburgh. 

When out-of-towners think of Pittsburgh, they usually envision the downtown…

But, the true soul of the City lies in its neighborhoods.  As part of my job, I got to tag along with an architectural historian to check out the City’s historic districts.  He told me that Pittsburgh ranks 7th in the country for the highest percentage of buildings over 50 years old.  To someone like me who gets a natural high from communities with authentic character, it makes me love Pittsburgh even more.

Just look at what is waiting to be discovered in the historic neighborhoods…

I love tropical islands, but I  love cities even more.  Maybe it’s because I don’t live in either.  I live in a suburb of Pittsburgh that I sometimes call Borings-ville for the lack of a beach…and high-rises.

What types of places to you love the most?  Is where you live consistent with your lifestyle?