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Blessings and More

From my table to yours, have a very Happy Thanksgiving.

On Thanksgiving Day there will be many homes across America filled with family and friends.  All will be expressing thanks for each other, health, happiness, freedom, and the other blessings of their lives. 

When my turn at the table comes to answer the yearly question of What are you most grateful for this year?…I’m going to answer honestly without repeating anything that has already been said.   If I’m last in line, and all the good ones have already been taken by the 12 people before me, I have a few things in mind that have blessed my life this year…. 

I am thankful for saunas, monkeys, hot water, tweezers, socks, funny hats, Thomas Jefferson, and lobster ravioli. 

Enjoy your day.  Also, try to focus on one holiday at a time.  There is a lot of Christmas out there already.  If you find yourself lost in a Superstore holiday display…

for the sake of your sanity…find a way OUT!

Do you frequently count your blessings, or take the simple things in life (food, shelter, and other basics) for granted?