One of THOSE Days

I’ve read many blog posts and articles about how making small, positive changes in your life can add up to one BIG positive change.  Well, if that’s true than so is the opposite.  A lot of a little annoyances can add up to one, huge, crappy kind of day.

It all started out this morning.  Upon getting dressed in a new shirt, I felt the tag.  Scratchy.  Ouch.  I knew it had to come out.  This is the one and only shirt in my closet that’s an XS, so I was proud of that tag…although it was probably on the discount rack at Gabriel Brothers because it’s really an L …mistagged in China as an XS.

Putting the kitchen sheers to good use, off came the mistagged proof that I could fit into an XS. 

Scratchy Tag 

In a flurry to get into the office on time so that I could selfishly leave on time, I failed to eat the most essential meal of the day.  By 10:30, I was starved at my desk and ate a brown-bagged lunch…ham sandwich on white. 

Eating at the Office

When lunchtime neared, I had no lunch.  Damn.  So, I begged a snack off my office mate…half a Kandy Kake, which wasn’t worth the 120-calorie punch to my mistagged XS.

Kandy Kake   Kandy Kake with Coffee

My doctor’s office mailed an insurance statement to my office address.  Can we claim a HIPA violation on that smooth move?  Even though I have insurance, gave them my insurance card, and paid the shockingly high $50 co-pay, apparently their completely incorrect records indicate that I don’t have any insurance  and owe more money for the 10 minute, no results appointment that occurred 6 months ago.  Fabulous. 

Bill I Owe!

It was HOT today.  AC clicks on, internet goes out.  AC clicks off, internet comes back on.  AC clicks on again…bye-bye internet.  With the fight for electricity ruining my work flow, I decide to leave the office early and finish out the day on my laptop from home. 

Lucky for me, it’s a short drive home.  Unlucky for me, I’m sitting in a puddle.  The one day in forever that I leave the car window down, we get a mid-afternoon thunderstorm.  Go figure.

Since I was working from home , it made sense to make the husband some dinner.  I could tag-team work and dinner….no problem.  Meanwhile, I get an nasty-gram e-mail from a client telling me that my work is a serious disappointment.  In the 18 years I’ve been doing this job, no client has ever said such a thing.  The gull.  I walk away from my desk, glassy-eyed with fury and think about dinner.  With the Kandy Kake a distant memory, I was  ready to eat…but had to make something first. 

Less than 5 minutes before I had the casserole dish filled with chicken enchiladas ready to hit the oven, the entire neighborhood looses power.  And yes, my oven is electric.  After waiting 2 hours for it to come back on, at 8:30 we end up having take-out pizza, by candlelight.

Pizza by Candlelight 

I guess it’s time to think about inspirational messages that positive blog land tells me to remember…

….tomorrow will be a new day with a new perspective.

….at least I’m not in Afghanistan.

….there is food in the fridge.  Starving children in Africa would be grateful for my cold pizza and unbaked dish of enchiladas.

….be humble, I’m really not an XS and so the tag deserved its demise.

Ever have one of THOSE days? 

Three cheers for a good weekend and the end to THIS day.  Peace out, Friday.

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  1. Posted by Susan on July 23, 2011 at 8:19 am

    I think everyone has THOSE days every once in a while. I certainly do, when nothing seems to go right. It’s nice to know I’m not alone out there…and laugh at someone else’s day for a change!!!


    • Laugh away Sue! I put it out there for your enjoyment…and to prove that I’m not immune to the annoyances of everyday life like some people might think. Have a GREAT weekend!


  2. Posted by VanessaG on July 23, 2011 at 8:27 am

    Scratchy tags are a total pet peeve of mine. You’d think that if a manufacturer went to enough trouble to make a shirt, they would consider the tag a little more carefully. At least you didn’t tear a hole in the shirt removing the tag – I’ve done that a lot of times. Sounds like you had an annyoying day but it was funny to read you venting about it. They can’t all be great.


    • Hey Vanessa – nice to see you again! I’ve ripped, cut, torn MANY holes in clothes trying to remove the price tag or the sewn-in tag. Once I even tore a belt loop completely off. I feel your pain on that one, my friend.


  3. And just think—you have dinner made for tonight!! Glass half full!!!!! Yay!!!! Great post! We all have those days, unfortunately, but sounds like you made it through it fairly unscathed!!! Today will be a zillion times better!!!


    • Yes, I do….hopefully the tortillas didn’t get too soggy overnight. I’m ready for a zillion times better, and it’s looking up already. Have a great day yourself!


  4. I hate it when I have total crappy days. I hope you have an extra fabulous weekend! And I hate to admit that I love having tags that say I’m wearing a smaller size, even if I know it’s not really true and that no one but me will ever read the tag!


  5. Oh YEAH! Reading your blog is kind of comforting… it helps me remember that it doesn’t just happen to me. ONE customer every 18 YEARS… hmmm, that’s do-able… Can’t please everybody, right?! 😉

    I do hope that you have an awesome weekend though.


    • Right. Glad I could describe the misery and provide comfort. The client who sent me the e-mail about my work was female. Can I hope it was just a hormonal spike?

      I write for a living, so telling me my work sucks is saying that my writing isn’t getting the point across that she wants. I will give it another shot.


      • Giving it another try for the person who said what she said… now that is a little harder to shrug off 😦 I hope that the second time blows her away! But still: ONE in 18 YEARS! Let that encourage you as you give it another go 🙂

        Absolutely: one never knows what is going on in someone else’s life. It might very well be all her. A good way to balance it out a little.


  6. Posted by pattisj on July 23, 2011 at 11:53 am

    I’ve spilled or dumped just about everything I’ve touched today. Maybe I should heed this warning advice and go back to bed before it gets worse! lol Sorry you had such a crazy day. Yes, today HAS to be better. 🙂


    • Hi Patti – It’s a little better today. I’m working on a Saturday to try and fix the “client malfuction” of yesterday, but at least everyone else in my profession takes the weekends off, so I’m not in jeopardy of getting any critical e-mail. Blog comments are MUCH better!


  7. “Upon getting dressed in a new shirt, I felt the tag. Scratchy. Ouch. I knew it had to come out.”

    Yes! I totally know what you mean because I’ve had that on certain shirts I’ve worn and I did the same thing….OUT it came!

    Ooooo…that ham sandwich looks DELISH! I’m one of those people who if I don’t eat breakfast I turn into a grizzly bear by 10:30!

    And Ooooo…Tastykake’s I LOVE ’em!!!!

    ” In the 18 years I’ve been doing this job, no client has ever said such a thing. The gull.”

    The GULL! Well, obviously he needs MEDICATION – HA!

    Yes, I too have had days like this. And I can always tell when my day is going to be like this because I get a bad case of the ‘droppies’ in the morning. I drop EVERYTHING!

    But, you’re absolutely right in saying this….

    “….tomorrow will be a new day with a new perspective.

    ….at least I’m not in Afghanistan.

    ….there is food in the fridge. Starving children in Africa would be grateful for my cold pizza and unbaked dish of enchiladas.

    ….be humble, I’m really not an XS and so the tag deserved its demise.”

    Good points! And thanks for the reminders! Have a supa’ weekend, girl!



    • SHE needs medication, Ron. It was a SHE. As I said to Laine (yadayada), perhaps it was hormonal…or maybe MOI was hormonal yesterday and took everything too hard.

      “I get a bad case of the droppies.” HHAHAHA! I found that so funny, and my first belly laugh of the day. Thanks RON! Thowin’ a good weekend out to you, too.


  8. Posted by Bonnie on July 23, 2011 at 1:13 pm

    Definitely cheers to a great weekend for you. I love the fact that you snapped pics of the day’s demise as it went along! Oh and one more thing to be thankful for – YOU can spell information. Your doctor’s office cannot. Big smile!



    • Oh. My. Goodness. I didn’t even see that typo on the bill! I’ll be SURE to bring that to their attention when I call to complain about their horrible record-keeping. Apparently everyone in their Admin. Department needs to be replaced with people who have a high school diploma. 🙂 🙂


  9. Oh yeah, I’ve had those days often.

    I love TastyKakes. They make me feel better.


  10. Hope your weekend was better. Scratchy tags are very high on the annoyance list for me!


  11. Wait…Tastykakes are only 120 calories? Or is that just for a tiny bite?


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