Being the unofficial start of summer, I’m welcoming in the Memorial Day weekend with an adult beverage….in a very tall glass that’s beginning to sweat. 

Hummm…better drink up before the ice melts!Tall Drink

Besides drinking, grilling, and honoring those who died in military service…a lot of people will be going to the movies this weekend.  I already did, selecting Hangover II as my box office pick of season.

Hangover IIIf you’ve ever partied hard in Las Vegas, and if you saw Hangover I….then you know that the movie is so pee-in-your-pants funny because the whole thing is plausible.  Bachelor party weekend…gone crazy…gone wrong. 

Wake up with a wild animal in your hotel room…ya, sure, that could happen in Vegas.

Alan:  There’s a jungle cat in the bathroom! 
Phil: Holy %$!@, he’s not kidding! There’s a tiger in there!

The thing about any type of hangover is that once you’ve had one, you never want to live through another…and then you do…and do again.  So, I gave into temptation and paid the $9.00 admission. 

After getting seated and adjusting my senses to the aroma of pseudo butter topping being piped through the HVAC system, the lights dimmed.  The 16 advertisements played.  The lights dimmed darker.  The 8 previews played.  A full 24 minutes after scheduled showtime…Fandango reminded everyone that we should have bought our tickets online.  Then, after silencing our phones and locating the nearest exits…we were ready to be entertained.

I belly laughed the whole way through.  The plot was similar to the original, but that’s to be expected with sequels.  If you liked Hangover I, you’ll enjoy it.  If you hated Hangover I,  stay away.  There’s cursing, nudity, transvestites, and a drug-dealing monkey that steals your heart.

Alan: I’m going to miss you monkey. I wish monkeys could Skype.

…you get the picture. I give it a thumbs up for a young-minded crowd.  In real life, I have a goofy/silly sense of humor, and I gravitate towards that kind of humor in entertainment.  I’m also drawn to other people who share…or can appreciate…the silly side of life. 

How would you describe your own sense of humor? 

What are you up to this weekend?  I’ll be going with the flow and relaxing as part of my battle with the UNs.  No plans.  No commitments.  Spontaneity…I’m all yours.


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  1. I don’t know how I would label my own sense of humor, but:

    My mother has the tendency to watch a bit of a film with us and then say, “Oh, I can’t stand slapstick.”

    I can respect that; I’m not always in the mood for the Stooges. But I really think she means, “I don’t like humor that makes me feel stupid.” Not that they might be making fun of HER, but they may be referencing something cultural that she’s not familiar with.

    I.E. “stupid.”

    Come to think of it, I don’t like to feel stupid either. Brava, Mom.

    And, Tracy, I hear Bridesmaids is as good as Hangover 2. A double feature with you and other like-minded gals would be a dream.


    • Who’s on first? I’m not much of a Stooges fan either. Will have to check out Bridesmaids…but it might be at Red Box by the time I get around to seeing it. Hope your weekend was WONDERFUL.


  2. Hi Tracy .. sounds fun .. one to watch later on when it’s on tv ..not one I’d pay to watch unless I was accompanying someone who needed a companion while they rolled around in the aisles – done a few of those! Cheers -glad you had a great time though .. enjoy the rest of the weekend .. Hilary


  3. Posted by yadayadafishpaste on May 28, 2011 at 5:47 am

    I struggle to colour outside of the lines sometimes. I am aware of it and trying to let my hair down a bit more but I find it is still a bit stiff-legged. I instinctively find myself analyzing a lot, solving problems and not even catching on sometimes when it was actually a joke. I love laughter but I’m unable to describe my sense of humor exactly… I’ll have to pay closer attention 😉

    Sounds like you thoroughly enjoyed yourself. Laughter is healing for the soul, great for vitality and simply seems to bring people together. Sometimes the best solution for a problem is to forget about the problem and have a good belly chuckle!

    Hope you have an amazing fun weekend. May spontaneity surprise you pleasantly beyond your expectation, Tracy 🙂


  4. “The 16 advertisements played. The lights dimmed darker. The 8 previews played.”

    HAHAHAHAHAHA! Don’t you just LOVE that? Movies have turned into television, with it’s commercials and advertisements. That’s one of the main reasons why I very rarely go to the movies anymore. Instead, I just wait until they comes out on DVD.

    Ironic that you shared this movie today, because I keep seeing billboard ads on bus stops and it’s looks GREAT! A friend of mine saw the first one and said she loved it.

    Um…let’s see, how would I describe my sense of humor?

    How about snarky, sarcastic, and over-the-top! HA!

    I have to work today, however I have tomorrow and Monday off. I will be spending it like you – going with flow. No plans or committments. Spontaneity!

    Have a FAB weekend, Tracy!




    • Ohh, I so dislike all the ads that play before a movie. There were advertisements for body spray, insurance, cell phone service, and even North Carolina….the state. Now that’s funny!


  5. (= Just hanging out his weekend. (= Yay!


  6. Posted by pattisj on May 29, 2011 at 11:07 pm

    Not sure how to describe it, but I do have a sense of humor.
    Got the “work” part of the weekend out of the way Saturday, relaxing for the most part.


    • Patti – you certainly DO have a sense of humor – there are hints of it in your writing. Waking up to K-LOVE and spilling a glass of water directly into your trashcan…now that’s what I call a PATTI LAUGH. Hope your weekend was GREAT.


  7. We have my stepdaughter this weekend, so no adult beverages!!! I just discovered “lime margarita” drink mix at Wal-Mart. Add Tequila (or, in my case, Amaretto Sour) and you have an instant low-cal adult bev. that is DELICIOUS. I should blog about it!


  8. I tend toward a dry, sarcastic, British sense of humor but love a great laugh. I haven’t seen a funny movie in a while but did go see Billy Collins reading his poetry recently and found it really funny.


  9. It would be difficult to describe my humor, as it is a pillar for keeping sanity in life.


  10. Posted by Kalli on May 30, 2011 at 7:01 pm

    so glad you are having a relaxing weekend! we had inlaws in town and now i am resting after too much food and alcohol!


  11. Saw Hangover and loved it, can’t wait to see Hangover II. Wish I’d thought about going this weekend. I had a lovely relaxing weekend with a spa time for myself, wine with a friend, and grilling out with family. We won’t even talk about all the time fighting with my laptop…apparently Explorer 9 screwed up my system and after uninstalling it, my laptop is back to normal! (I don’t like the blue screen of death, not my friend!!!!)


  12. im going to have to go see it now!


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