#2 – Go Out on a Date

On Saturday night, Mr. Backbone fulfilled his promise to take me out on a date. 

It almost didn’t happen because I got sick…on date night.  Urg!!  I pulled myself together by popping 2 aspirin, stuffing Kleenex into my evening bag, and sticking to the plan. 

Most of the husbands I know are clueless about how to prepare for a fancy date with their wife, so here are some tips…

Step One – Plan ahead and extend an invitation for the date.  Give  enough advance warning so that she can secretly try on every outfit in her closet.  We do that.


Step Two – A few hours before the date, leave the house or remove yourself entirely from her “getting ready area.”  Privacy is the golden rule in these critical pre-date hours, especially in the bathroom.  Nothing special is happening in there that you need to know about. 

We go in looking like this…


(in five seconds, this image will self-destruct)

…and POOF!


…after a few short seconds minutes hours…we’re ready to go.

Step Three – While she’s in the process of the magical in-bathroom transformation, practice your best “you look amazing” facial expression.  We want to see this look on your face the second we appear in front of you.  If you don’t successfully accomplish the glassy-eyed look of being mesmerized by our beauty, we might disappear back into the bathroom for a few more seconds minutes hours and start over.

Step Four – Be a gentleman.  Open car doors, pull out chairs, say please and thank you, and don’t abandon your date to catch the sports report on TV.  Don’t call for the waiter by saying “hey buddy, over here.”  Ask questions and pay attention to what we have to say.  Use your napkin for its intended use…which does not include waving it over your head like a lasso on the dance floor.  Most importantly, make sure that you are within the legal limits to drive us home.   Oh, and if along the way you see a kitten stuck in a tree, pull over and save it.

Funny Flirting Ecard: I'm not comfortable dating someone who isn't perfect.

Thanks to my man for being a terrific date and for suggesting the #2 idea for Beating the Feeling of UnGo Out on a Date.

When was the last time you did something fancy?  How long does it take you to get ready?  Do you think women set their expectations too high?

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26 responses to this post.

  1. You :OOK gorgeous! I hope you felt that way, Tracy.


  2. God, I suck on your replies… “LOOK,” I meant. My bad.


    • Awe, that’s sweet – I felt okay on the outside but remember that I had a stuffy head and kleenex packed purse so my insides were kind of ook!, so you were right on with the typo LOL.


  3. I think they need to be watching and timing how long it takes us to get ready. The longer the time, the more of a response is expected. Come on boys, it’s simple math here!


  4. great post! Glad you had a great night out!


  5. Posted by pattisj on May 24, 2011 at 2:35 am

    Last time to get fancy, was probably a company Christmas party several years ago. It probably took too long, as I don’t do fancy well. When I was newly married, I probably set my expectations too high…or didn’t communicate them (more likely). How is you UN coming along after step #2?


    • Getting ready can never take TOO long – us girls can take as long as we need when it comes to dressing up fancy. The UNs are slowly fading. I think that by the end of the 12 weeks, they’ll be a distant memory – or so I can only hope!


  6. Stopped cursing at people replacing epithets with James Cagney imitation: “You dirty rat.” Replaced aluminum foil on windows with curtains. Started using a spoon, knife and fork when eating. Know prices of grocery items so you can say things like “Dear, have you noticed that Jello has gone from 59 cents to $1.39?” #1 Fancy? Put sheets on the mattress.


    • TOTALLY cracks me up MAN. Good job, Carl. When men can eat with utensils and converse about grocery store pricing, they’ve completed step 1 of the transformation from caveman to man. Hahahaha!


  7. Lovely! Hope it took away all the “un”!


  8. Posted by 1959duke on May 24, 2011 at 9:33 am

    I always open doors for women. Here is the real reason men do that though. We figured out that if there is anything bad on the other side of door the woman will get hit first! Were not as dumb as some of the women folk think. In all seriousness I ‘m glad you had a great time!


  9. Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabulous post, Tracy!

    I just about died laughing at the photo of you wearing the facial mask. “in five minutes this image will self-destruct”


    Love all your tips, especially #4. BRAVA!

    So glad to hear you and Mr. Backbone had a lovely evening.

    I can’t remember the last time I did something fancy, but I CAN tell you that it takes me forever to get ready to go out. I’m VERY high maintenance 🙂

    Have a terrific Tuesday….x


    • Oh Ron, I’m sure YOU don’t need any tips, but you might know some Neanderthals who do. Have a terrific day yourself!


  10. What a fun night out by the look of it! You looked pretty – the effort paid off nicely 🙂 Those are some good tips. I should forward them to a few relevant parties I know… 😉


  11. Go out on a date. Yup! That should get rid of the Un. I think I need to do that, too. Thanks for sharing your getting-prepared suggestions. Your husband sounds perfect. Blessings to you…


  12. Posted by Stacey on May 24, 2011 at 7:54 pm

    This was funny! I even sent it to my Mr. Fierce!


  13. OOOH, love that top! We need one of these date nights very soon. I may share your rules with DH.


    • Hi Stephanie! I’m trying very hard to cut down on the BLACK in my closet and wear COLOR this year…and if you’d see the guts of my black and white closet, then you’d know that goal is going to be nearly impossible to reach. Thanks for the compliment!


  14. Step 3 is my favorite. (= Let’s face it–he must be in worship mode if he wants the evening to go and end well. (=


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