Who’s Under the Hat?

The calendar shows that spring has arrived, but Mother Nature is still pounding the northeastern U.S. with rain.  Even though everything is wet and squishy….May is charity season for many of the non-profit organizations in Pittsburgh. 

On Saturday, I was invited  to the Pittsburgh Park Conservancy’s Spring Hat Luncheon. 

There was one requirement of all guests…to wear a hat.


I’m not even close to calling myself a socialite, but it was fun to dress up for an afternoon and attend a fancy outing.  I found a vintage hat from the 1930’s in my parents’ attic.  Imagine THIS flower madness sitting on top of my head…


The table settings were garden-themed….

IMG_4219Yep, that’s my mimosa front and center in the shot.  Just pretend like you didn’t see it there, okay?

Gift bags were a nice touch…and a very good distraction from the fact that everyone was sinking into the muddy lawn.  Squish, squish, squish…


My favorite part was the desert.  So artistic.  The little cake looked just like a hat!


Two hours later… it was over.  I drove home and happily changed back into sweatpants. 

To tell the truth, being in elite, formal environments is one of my least favorite social activities.  I think it comes from growing up in a middle-class family and having the mindset of…I should be the person waiting the tables, not the person on the guest list. 

If you tend to get uncomfortable in certain social situations, one of the best ways to overcome the anxiety and widen your comfort zone is to keep putting yourself out there…a little at a time.  Keep in mind that the environment doesn’t change YOU.  Being comfortable in your own skin is the key to fitting in, wherever you go. 

It’s not about the hat.  It’s about the person underneath its brim.

Raise up your virtual glass with me, my friends.  Cheers! 

Do you feel at ease in different social environments? Do you ever feel  uncomfortable?

 Blogging Schedule:  Since you asked…this spring and summer, I plan to post twice a week, on Tuesdays and Saturdays.   There are some exciting things in store over the next few months, so I do hope that you’ll continue to follow along!

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  1. Cheers!

    The tables look so pretty and the Hat-sert was indeed precious, Tracy.

    I just never feel pretty. I wrinkle. I sweat. My hair falls. My make-up fades. And stains chase me around the room. So I just have to let the pretty-on-the-inside come out, and sometimes even THAT is perspiring.

    I try to remember that everyone else is too worried about how THEY look to notice my foibles. And if they DO notice, then they are even more uncomfortable and insecure than I am.

    …Mimosas don’t hurt either. Good for you for trying something new!

    Very springy!


    • That made me laugh. Mimosas never hurt…until a few hours later when the “why did I drink before noon” headache arrives. 🙂


  2. Everything aligned very nicely with the feeling of spring – I love the colors – and there’s just something about those white wooden chairs 😉 In the movies you usually see them in an outdoor wedding setting. Looks so pretty 🙂

    Yes, being comfortable with yourself is the most important thing, I have to agree. Yes, I still have times when I do feel uncomfortable, but lately I’m learning to become more comfortable with UNcomfortable; it is not always comfortable (haha) but it is good I’m sure!

    Glad you found a hat – a pretty one, and a sweet memory with it. Glad you enjoyed the tea 🙂 However, which shoes do you wear for mud… what about those who wore an open sandals… slipping and sliding on their inner soles 🙂 Yuck! I might have considered taking my shoes off 🙂 How many people really look down anymore… Reminds me of the sign in the shop window: no shirt, no shoes, no service haha


    • I agree with you about the white chairs – very elegant. I saw one lady who changed her shoes into flip flops…and another lady in white pants rolled them up to her knees. So much for elegance!


  3. I am raising that virtual glass to you..hatless though! Cheers!


  4. Oh, I wish you had posted a photo of you in that hat, Tracy! I would have LOVED to seen you!

    Actually, this looked like fun! I’m dying over that desert plate – it’s faaaaaaabulous!!!

    “Keep in mind that the environment doesn’t change YOU. Being comfortable in your own skin is the key to fitting in, wherever you go.”

    Yes, I totally agree with you. I’m pretty comfortable in my own skin, so I can adapt myself to almost any environment. I think that comes from having had so many diverse careers during my lifetime. Yet, I enjoy myself most when I’m surrounded by people who are down-to-earth and not afraid to let their hair down – and act CRAZY – HA!

    Looking forward to reading the exciting things in store over this Spring and Summer!

    Happy Spring, my friend!



    • I like CRAZY people too! My bad for not posting a picture of myself in the hat, but I forgot to take one. Shame on me!!


  5. Looks wonderful, Tracy.

    There have been times when I’ve felt uncomfortable, that’s for sure. But the more we take part in these events, the more comfortable we become. It takes time. I like to always remind myself that, underneath it all, we are just people having different experiences in life.


    • You hit on it, Laura…”I like to always remind myself that, underneath it all, we are just people having different experiences in life.” Have a GREAT day!


  6. What a fun event! Everything looked lovely. (= I used to have garden tea parties with all the trimmings with my friends… I should do another one. (=


  7. Posted by Kalli on May 9, 2011 at 9:04 am

    what a great event! how fun…..thank you for letting us know about your blogging schedule and i look forward to reading 🙂


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