R: Trouble Remembering? Ruh Roh!

This morning,  I had a freak-out moment while procrastinating about getting ready for work. 

I’ve felt sluggish the past few weeks.  Mental fogginess has set in.  Also, I’ve been having trouble remembering things.  Ruh Roh…that indicates a problem.

(C) Hanna Barbera

There are a few things that I do ritually in the morning:

1.  drink a cup of coffee; and

2.  watch the morning news.

With a mug of coffee in hand and the national news on a commercial break, I flipped the channel…to an infomercial.  That was a smart move because everyone knows that infomercials are much more informative than regular commercials (cough).

The program fooled me at first because it was disguised as a talk show.  A smart-looking doctor sat on one side of the table.  A well-dressed host sat opposite.  They were talking about improving Mental Edge.  Hummm…that interested me.


The smart-looking doctor said that…by age 4o…up to 40% of brain power is lost.

I’m 40!  I’m having brain fog! Yesterday, I couldn’t remember someone’s name 2 minutes after they introduced themselves.  Last week, I forgot where I put my keys.  I haven’t been able to balance my bank account.  Aghh!  40% of my brain must be toast! 


Then…the well-dressed host introduced the star of the show… a miracle cure for mental clarity.  A bottle of pills for $19.99.  And, if I called right away, they’d double the deal.

So, the “doctor” told everyone watching channel 19 this morning that 40% of our brains were gone.  Why?  To scare people into calling the 1-800 number.  Please, don’t ever tell me that I only have half a brain…unless of course you know me…and believe it to be true.  😦

To help clear brain fog, increase oxygen flow in your body.  Take a walk or do some form of exercise.  Try it – I swear it helps.

What’s the status of your mental edge?  Do you have any advice for keeping it sharp?

13 responses to this post.

  1. Dear Mrs. Roosevelt: I read your post this morning (Trouble Remembering) and I don’t believe about what they say about brain frog or losing your mammary. I intend to vote for your husband again.


  2. Ha! If I’ve lost 40% of my brain power, it’s the useless information part!! I’ve certainly got enough brain power left to know that a $19.95 bottle of pills isn’t going to cure that!!

    Have a great day!!


  3. With my mental fog, I would probably have wanted to call that 1-800 # but would have forgotten the number by the time I finally found my phone!


    • I have a sign that reads “I finally got it all together, but I forgot where I put it.” Glad to know I’m not alone, SuziCate. I hope you are doing well, staying strong.


  4. I knew there was a reason for the treason. My brain has deserted me. I like your cure better than the pills. I read your sentence wrong. I thought you lost your knees! Yelp! I read the sentence again and was happy to know it was your keys. Blessings to you, Tracy…


  5. HAHAH!
    Mental fog– another good reason to NEVER watch the news in the first place!


  6. Well, I’m 55, therefore that means I’ve lost 55% of my brain, I guess.

    And let me tell ya, I think it’s true. I have the worst time remembering people’s names, and I’ve also noticed that I’m ‘blanking’ out in the middle of telling someone something; totally forgetting what I was saying. I also walk into a room and forget WHY I walked in there.

    So, could you please email the 800 number because I think I need this!



  7. I think one way to keep your brain sharp is to use it by never stopping to learn. I think it keeps the rest of you young too 🙂


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