N: Nightstand Nightmares

Is your life at a high point

I can say that mine is because here I am in High Point, North Carolina.   People travel here from all over the globe to shop for furniture.  It’s the furniture capital of the WORLD.  My house is a mismatched mess and this trip was long overdue. 

There are a ton of stores in High Point to pick from.  After a little research, we decided to check out Furnitureland South, the largest furniture store on earth. 

At the entry to the showroom is an 85-foot-high chest of drawers…highboy style.


It’s leg was three times my height.  Just image how big the underwear must be that live inside those drawers!  

This is the kind of thing that can give a girl Nightstand  Nightmares

IMG_4083  Help!  I can’t reach my undies!

Inside, the showroom is 1.2 million square feet.  On display is about every brand of couch, chair, bed, nightstand, table, and home decorating accessory known to man.   To someone like me who shops for furniture about twice in a lifetime, the place was overwhelming.  But, it was also totally cool because it eliminated the need to drive from store to store looking around.  

IMG_4090 IMG_4085

Meet Jessica, the sweetest, most patient design consultant who ever lived. 

IMG_4111She trudged through the store with us all day long, explaining the different manufacturers, designers, styles, and patterns. 

Jessica: …and this is the Donald Trump line.

Me:  Donald Trump has a furniture line?

Jessica:  Yeah, a lot of celebrities are getting into furniture now.  Paula Dean was here last week; her collection is over…there.

Me:  You mean the cook on TV?

Jessica:  Yes, that Paul Dean.

Me:  I kind of like this headboard.  What’s this one called?

Jessica:  Trump.

Me:  How original.

And, best of all, Jessica helped to steer us clear of areas that were not our style.  Apparently, animals with horns are hot….for indoor and out.


All in all it was a productive trip. 

Living room…done. 

Bedroom suit…done.

Bank account…gone.

Do you think your house and the stuff inside is a reflection of your personality?

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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  1. Posted by susan on April 16, 2011 at 7:58 am

    I’d like to say that my house is decorated in my style, but it’s not. My HB keeps dragging old furniture home from antique shops and my style is more modern, so we live in mismatched style confusion.


  2. We bought our first house two years ago and the only piece of furniture we owned was a bed. We went to one of those huge furniture stores and bought everything for our house in two short trips. As a result, everything in the house matches. At the time I didn’t realize that my nightstands were scary close to being an identical twin to the end tables in the living room.

    As I look around my house it feels boring and too matching. I hope that is not a reflection of my personality, but I’m afraid it might be. Oh well, at least it’s comfortable!


  3. For most women I know, that big dresser is not big enough to house their shoes let alone anything else.


  4. Posted by Jessica Barkman on April 16, 2011 at 12:33 pm

    And I must say that you were some of my sweetest, most patient customers ever!! Thank you for being so pleasant to work with. I enjoyed our day together:)


  5. Anything covered in dust reflects my personality ..so..yes!


  6. Wow– what an impressive entryway!

    I like used import and antique furniture. Art nouveau and asian designs can really add style, color splash and sophistication to a room. Yay furniture! (=


  7. Hard to say if my house matches me….it’s a bit eclectic and not the least bit matchy-matchy. Some hand-me-down, some new. I know that I will never pay big money for furniture again. You feel too guilty getting rid of it when you want to redecorate.


    • Well, if you ever left the house with two different colored socks on (or worse, shoes!), then maybe your non-matchy house does show your personality – I’ve done that more than once, sad to say. Brown, black, blue…what’s the difference. 🙂


  8. Posted by yadayadafishpaste on April 18, 2011 at 3:41 am

    WOW! That is one humongous chest of drawers! B-e-a-u-tifully done though. Sounds like the kind of shop that will take me three days to get through. I would have had to book a hotel nearby haha


  9. I love little antique shops and book stores.
    Hiking and camping are fabulous getaways. But anywhere with my family or friends is like nirvava.
    Going back to to London in June for a trip. That should fit the bill.


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