I: Ice and Ibuprofen

My weekend at home was fabulous.  How was yours?  The weather here in Pittsburgh was overcast but warm.  It was the first weekend that was nice enough eat outside.

Care to join me for dinner at dusk?


Well, I never said that I was a good cook.  On the menu: Ice and Ibuprofen.   Yummy!

As I mentioned in The Alien Ass, it’s been a while since I’ve worked out.  When you have a mid-life body (like me), take 6-weeks off from exercise (like me), and then overdo it on the first nice weekend of the year (again, like stupid me)…Ice and Ibuprofen become a necessary part of the diet.

I know all about pain.  Sometimes it is laughable, like when a little kid shown on America’s Funniest Home Videos swings a golf club into his dad’s privates.  Other times, it’s not so funny…especially when it happens to you.  About 6 years ago a disk exploded in my lower back.  The pain was so intense that I made a secret deal with God to make it go away.  Turns out, God needed the help of a neurologist and a surgical team.  For the rest of my life, I won’t wear high heals…I won’t play impactful sports…and I’ll always keep Ice and Ibuprofen on hand.

So, did you decide if you’ll join me for dinner on the patio?  I promise to be nice and add in some chocolate brownies for dessert…


I made them myself; and yes, they are as moist as they look.  All the food blogs post their recipes, so I’ll do the same.  To make these at home:

  • Go to the store;
  • Buy a package of Hershey’s Ultimate Chocolate Brownie mix; and
  • Follow the instructions on the box.

The recipe is quick, easy, and…totally painless.

Do you have any aches and pains?  Have they gotten worse, or better, as you’ve aged?

The Coco Chanel Book giveaway ends tonight at 9PM, so there’s still time to enter.  Remember to check back tomorrow…you might be the winner!

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24 responses to this post.

  1. I’ ve struggled with back pain pain for years but the last two have been especially painful. As I type this I’m icing my back and just sucked down a muscle relaxer and vicoden…..my back went out yesterday and has been spasming all day. Maybe those brownies would help


    • Sounds all too familiar. Back spasms are the absolute worst. The best thing is rest, ice, and anti-inflamitory medication. Muscle relaxers help, but they totallay knock me out and I almost got hooked on them once! Also, check out the book called “Pain Free” by Pete Egoscue. I hope you feel better very soon.


  2. Mmmm– delicious! Painkiller snowcone. Sorry that you have to take brownies for your bad back, though. What a punishment.


  3. You can never take six weeks off. You have reminded me. It’s been a week for me. I am going to hit the weights right NOW ! After the crossword puzzle. Oh and there’s the post office to drop off the two packages. Need to check the oil and then there is…


    • I have a few hundred things on my to-do list as well. Would you like to help…if I promise they don’t involve exercise? 🙂


  4. I swim pretty much every day and that helps. A lot. Drug of choice is Aleve though! 😉


    • Swimming is the absolute best form of exercise for a person with joint pain. I wish that I could do it all year long, but summer is almost here!


  5. Posted by 1959duke on April 11, 2011 at 8:42 am

    I’ve had back pain for years and now of course after the surgery I am so full of drugs I could start my own pharmacy.


  6. Posted by yadayadafishpaste on April 11, 2011 at 10:23 am

    What on earth were you doing when it exploded? It sounds horribly painful indeed! Would cycling be considered an “impact sport?” I love that for exercise 🙂 What kind of exercise are you able to do, Tracy? Is your back worse in winter because it is cold? I’ve often heard people refer to that.


    • Well, if you REALLY want to know, I was bending over to shave my legs and….POP went the disk. The most painful and embarassing collective moment of my life…so far. I love biking too and don’t consider biking an impact sport, but I’m careful about the terrain. I won’t go mountain biking, but I will ride on the street and trails. I miss rollercoasters and tennis the most – both terrible for the back.


      • Posted by yadayadafishpaste on April 11, 2011 at 12:39 pm

        Would it be ok for me to try the alphabet ‘thing’ every now and again even though I’m not with WordPress – the alphabet challenge?


        • Yes – anyone can join in. The deadline to officially enter the challenge is past, but that doesn’t have to stop you from joining in late. Click the A-Z graphic on the right side of my page (with the apple), which will take you to the hosting site for the challenge.

  7. Those brownies look amazing, and I know exactly what you’re talking about with the aches and pains. Oh, and noises! I hear creaks, snaps, and pops regularly now for no apparent reason other than the fact I’ve moved.


  8. With the way I feel today ice, ibuprofen, and brownies sound perfect to me! Sorry you are hurting…hope the threesome does the job for you!


  9. Never had any back pain until I fell on ice last fall. I can totally relate to your cool menu. And, I know I overdo it when the first sunny garden days are here.


  10. Love your recipe!!

    Seriously, here in Cali, if you really want to make the brownies medicinal… we have our ways. Take it easy on the getting back into the swing of things.


    • Do that sell that magic spice in the grocery stores yet? California is so liberal compared to the northeast. We can’t even buy BEER in our grocery stores.


  11. Ouch, yes, my back tends to hurt a lot since I’m bent over a lot picking toys off the floor.


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