E: The Evil Electric Eco-Washer

Allow me to introduce you to the Evil Electric Eco-Washer:

Devil Washer

It’s pure evil, I tell you.

I do my part to make a small impact on the earth’s environment.  I recycle.  I reuse plastic bags.  I take the wire hangers back to the dry cleaners.  Dry cleaning isn’t responsible – oops!

I would not call myself an environmentalist, but I do consider the environment in my daily activities and buying decisions.  Last week, I bought a rain chain that will take the water from one of my downspouts and direct it into a flower bed instead of a drain.  When it stops raining here (umpf!), it will be installed.

Show Your Rain Chain

When it was time to replace my washing machine, I did the environmentally-responsible thing and looked for one with the Energy Star label.  It was more expensive but was advertised to use less water and less energy than a regular washer.

The Devil WasherIt uses less water all right.  But, it doesn’t do its job.   It’s evil.  I hate it.  When I went to the store to make this monumental investment, the floor model must have been trained to hide its devil tail, because now that it’s brother is living in my laundry room, it’s evilness is unmistakable.  

I want my old, water-hogging, energy sucking environmentally irresponsible washing machine back.  There’s enough water to go around for the sake of clean clothes, isn’t there? If not, maybe I can pile my laundry on the lawn under my new rain chain. 

Do you consider yourself environmentally responsible?  Do you own any evil home appliances?

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  1. Does the washer house a sock monster? He eats one sock of a pair all the time leaving you dozens of singles. I still lose socks to the sock monster but I beat him because now I buy only black socks.


  2. Posted by Stacey on April 6, 2011 at 6:40 am

    I do consider myself an environmentalist to my huband’s dismay but have to agree that some of the products out there just aren’t up to par. We purchased a low flow shower head a coupel of years ago. The way that it works is that it has tighter holes or whatever to create a harder pressure so you won’t miss the fact that less water is coming through. The problem was that it was like being attacked by a million needles in the shower. My back survived but some of my more sensitive body parts rebelled and made me go back to a FULL flow shower head. Happiness abounds in the shower again!


  3. No evil machines here but most of my environmental efforts are in my head ..although before any enthusiasts string me up ..I do work at it in smaller ways!


    • I don’t believe you. Everyone has a devil-possessed appliance. :-). Sometimes it’s the small things that can make the biggest difference, so you might be more environmentally responsible than you think!


  4. I don’t actually consider myself environmentally responsible, but I do know we make much less garbage than some of our neighbors. We’ve been recycling for years now, and our hot water is heated both electrically( in the summer) and via the wood stove (during the winter.)


  5. I do recycle and reuse my plastic bags, but I am not what one would consider green…I almost always forget to take my reuseable bags to the grocery store. I shudder every time I have to replace an appliance because they just don’t make them like they used to!


    • I know! Quality has gone so down hill with mass-produced products. Until recently, my grandma still had a wringer washer in her basement, and the darn thing worked.


  6. Okay, first gotta say….I LOVE your devil tail photos, Tracy!

    Bwhahahahahahahahaha! Pure GENIUS, my friend!

    I can’t say that I’m always green, however I do recyle my plastic grocery bags, and will reuse the paper ones.

    Yes, I do have an evil home appliance. My DVD player. I swear to god it’s POSSESSED by some evil spirit who enjoys messing up while I’m in the middle of watching a movie. I’m thinking of performing an exorcist on it – HA!


    • If you want to borrow the tail for Halloween 2011, just give me a shout. You’ll need to supply your own horns though. LOL.

      Oh no, Ron. Never by the Linda Blair model of a DVD player. It makes the discs spin backwards.


  7. I once bought a front-loading washing machine with electronic controls, because it would use less water, which was the environmentally right thing for a consumer to do. Was it the right choice? No. Wrong choice. I had more trouble with that washing machine than any other I’ve ever had. I feel your pain, Tracy. Blessings to you…


  8. I have yet to meet an electrical appliance that is not evil. I try to be as green as possible. I often ride the bus, I compost and recycle, in the summer we grow our own vegetables, we do our best to eat local produce…little things that make a big difference if everyone does them.


  9. Our washer is so old, it often leaks on the floor. We had to rip up the carpets recently, due to the leaking.

    visiting from the A-Z challenge


  10. my new energy efficient dishwasher SUCKS! There really isn’t a nice way to put it. I am a hater of my new energy appliance.


  11. I have one of those newer washers too… a front loader, and it uses very little water. It kind of freaks me out, and the clothes tend to smell more like wet dog than laundry detergent.

    I just toss in half a dozen dryer sheets with each load, and they turn out just fine–smell “outdoor fresh” :-/


    • Wet dog – bwhahahahah! Don’t you know that you’re not supposed to wash your pets in there?!? LOL. Are you using eco-detergent? When I tried that, the smell was bad, so I went back to HE Tide and it’s fresh-smelling again.


  12. Awesome – I’m glad to join the party!


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