A: The Alien Ass

If you’re already wondering why this post starts with A…backtrack to Wednesday.  As a reminder, my goal in this Blogging Challenge is to be original.  So, if anyone else doing this Challenge has titled their post The Alien Ass, then we’re all living in some physic parallel universe.

dreamstimefree_1878276 Tom DowedSource: Dreamstime/Tom Dowd

Over the past month, life has been a bit busy around here.  As a result, a few things slid way down to the bottom of my priority list.  Grocery shopping.  Laundry.  Exercise.  Haven’t done any of it. 

This morning I was contemplating the possibility of getting dressed for work when I caught a glimpse of myself…all decked out in heavy sweats. 

So there I stood in front of the bathroom mirror, when I saw it.  The Alien Ass.  I would show you, but it’s impossible to take a picture of yourself looking in the mirror at your own back side.  All you end up with is a twisted mess that looks a little something like this….


When I was younger, taking a month off from exercise was no big deal.  It didn’t make all that dreamstimefree_1827132 © Michael Ransburgmuch of a difference in how I looked or felt.  All body parts would pretty much stay right were they belonged. 


A few weeks of no cardio and body parts start to be replaced by creatures from another planet.  I swear it’s not my fault.  The aliens did it.

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Source: Dreamstime/Michael Ransburg


13 responses to this post.

  1. I look at my weights and my back hurts. I look at the bicycle and my legs ache. I look at the Dutch chocolate ice cream. Well actually I just don’t “look” at it….


  2. Well, the word ass caught my attention because all week I’ve been preparing for one to arrive. I finished the gate last evening and loaded the hay in to the shed tranformed into a barn.

    I’ve been working off my butt for that wild ass, so no alien asses here, yet, but maybe when the hard work is done.

    It’s amazing what a month can do.


    • I do hope that you will write about the arrival of your new ass – that was a fun sentence to type out! The picture on your post yesterday was soooo cute.


  3. While you may have gotten the alien ass ( I beg to differ, BTW, I think you look great.), my body has been overtaken by an alien blob!


    • oooh, that 1958 movie The Blob with Steve McQueen has haunted me since the day I saw it. I’m more afraid of The Blob than I am of aliens.


  4. Alien Ass


    OMG Tracy….you are a RIOT!!!!!

    And I have to agree with SuziCate….I think you look GREAT!

    I think the aliens have taken over the hair on my head, because I have alien hair. It’s slowly balding – HA!

    Have a great weekend, my friend!


  5. Hi Tracy .. I regettably can agree .. pity really .. never mind – Summer’s here ..gives us a chance to get out and about and exercise a little more & just eat fresh veggie ..

    Cheers Hilary


    • Mother Nature hasn’t gotten the message of Spring to Pittsburgh yet. I’d like to file a compliant form, but I think that might just make her mad. I’ve got the Spring Fever!


  6. OH NO! The aliens left me a different ass too! But you got a way better one than I did. That’s not fair……


  7. Strange,but I come from a long line of flat asses, one I inherited from my mum and then went on to pass it down to my daughter. No amount of exercise seems to help. My guess is the aliens must have abducted it..


  8. LOL! Not AT you, but because you pointed me back to this post after reading my own “C” post. 🙂 Glad I stopped by!

    ~Cole at Dry Humor Daily


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