Let Your Sham Rock

One great thing about living in Pittsburgh is that the people here know how to have a good time.  Pittsburgh is known to have one of the longest St. Patrick’s Day parades in the country.  I watched for about 2 1/2 hours on Saturday, and it was still going strong…


It wasn’t like exactly like the parades you see on TV, with professional floats, and bands, and dancing performances.  It was more like a big party on the street with local groups and organizations walking by.  Everyone was wearing green, blowing horns, and handing out Mardi-gras beads.

Parade 2

The most enjoyable part…was people-watching .  Isn’t this little boy just adorable with his red Irish beard?!

 Parade 3     Parade 4

After the parade came the parties.  There were strict rules this year that no alcohol was allowed on the parade route.  But, a few blocks away in Market Square there was one giant party going on. 

Market Square 

If you had any fear that the (hundreds of ) kegs might run dry at the bars…


No worries.  Simply stop in this place and pick up a suitcase of beer…

Drink Up

Some people I saw had too many green beers…and it was before 2PM.  Most of the overly-intoxicated were being taken good care of by their friends.  For others, things got a little crazy.  This guy decided it would be a good idea to jump in the Allegheny River while his friends cheered him on.  It’s cold here.  There’s been rain.  The river is flooded and brown.  A person could die in there.  DON’T JUMP!!!

Flooded Allegheney     River Jump

I have never been a wild and crazy party-girl, but I recognize that I’m far past the stage of my life when it seems like an acceptable idea to pass out on a public sidewalk.  Or spray paint my entire body green.  Or jump in a freezing cold river.  But for those who did, it was fun to watch. 

Merry Christmas.  Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

Irish Santa

Do you ever act wild and crazy in public?  Was there a point in your life when you decided “I’m too old to party that hard.”

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10 responses to this post.

  1. Love the green Santa…awesome pics!A little too much crazy fun for me, but enjoy living it through your photos!


    • Ho Ho Ho, from the Green Santa, Suzicate! It was more fun to watch the crazy crowd than to be one of the crazies myself. Happy St. Patty’s Day.


  2. That looks like a really fun time. I probably realized I was getting too old to party a couple of years ago when I started to get tired at 9:00 pm. Ugh. I am so old.


    • It was fun, and I didn’t even have a drop to drink since I was just getting over the flu and had to drive home. You are NOT old! Old is a mindset, not a number.


  3. LOVED seeing your photos, Tracy!

    Being a fellow-Pennsylvanian, I can’t believe I’ve never been to Pittsburg, but I hear it’s a great town. Much friendlier and more down to earth than Philly. I work with a guy from Pittsburg and he’s the nicest guy.

    St. Patricks Day here, was INSANE! I’ve never seen so many crazy drunk people in all my life. The festivities when on for TWO days.

    “After the parade came the parties. There were strict rules this year that no alcohol was allowed on the parade route.”

    Not in Philly. They were drinking ON the parade route! Lots of destruction too.

    “Do you ever act wild and crazy in public? Was there a point in your life when you decided “I’m too old to party that hard.”

    OMG, yes…all the time. However, I act wild and crazy in public without even drinking alcohol – HA!


    • …and I’ve never been to Philly. I think we’re both due for a cross-state visit. You acting crazy in public?!?!?! I would have never guessed :-).


  4. People watching is always the best! Looks like quite the celebration over there.


  5. i love the green santa. he makes my sham rock!! hope you have a fantastic day


  6. What awesome photos!! Make me wish I had been there..


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