Meaty, Cheesy, Well-Done…and Oh So Good

Feast your eyes on this…


Quite an image for a Friday.  No?

Lately I’ve been thinking about my collection of friends and all the people who I like to spend time around.  The people in your social circle can say a lot about you and your own personality. 

So, I set out to describe my friends…hoping to shed some light on myself.  The trouble was, many of my friends  have very different and sometimes completely opposing characteristics.  They are young, old, intellects, rebels, physically fit, overweight, beer drinkers, wine drinkers,  men, women, travelers, stay-at-homers, church-goers, and even bad-ass bikers.

I struggled to find the commonalities.  But then, it hit me.  Every single one of the people I enjoy spending time with have four traits in common. 

They are…


They have substance.  They’re nothing like a tofu-dog    just filling up space in a bun (not to hate on vegetarians, but how can they think tofu tastes good disguised as a hot dog –I  just don’t get it)

People of substance believe that their lives have    meaning and purpose.  They care about and talk about   the important things in life, and aren’t superficial. 



Did you hear the one about the elephant who went to Japan?  Every single one of my friends has a funny/ odd/cheesy sense of humor.  Or, they appreciate and enjoy laughing along with the cheesy people around them.  If you’re not cheesy and don’t like your friends     to walk around with a block of cheese on their head,     step aside.



What’s your opinion on rare meat?  I hate rare meat.  I even hate watching someone else eat a rare piece of meat.  I mean, how appetizing can the side of mashed potatoes be when the blood from your steak just rushed on over across the plate turned them bright red?  Super, super gross!  I order my steaks, and my friends, medium-well.   If your raw, bloody emotions immediately spill    out the second I poke you with my fork, chances are,    you won’t stay in my friend-circle for long.  I can handle justified, rational emotion, but I don’t do drama.


…and oh so good

Have you ever tried one of those chocolate lava cakes?  They’ve just got to serve those in heaven, don’t ya think?  Yummy.  Yum.  Yum.  I like to surround myself with people who are  genuinely good on the inside.  They’re well-intentioned, honest, learn from their mistakes, and are naturally compelled to help others.  Even when they do something wrong, bad, or have a  major f-up moment (because we all do), they were well-intentioned while doing it.

Some of my close friends read this blog…and now they know that I’ve just compared them to 3,000 calorie meal.  Sorry, friends…I call it like I see it.

What personality traits are common among your friends and the people who are close to you?  What do you think that says about you, if anything?

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11 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by susan on February 25, 2011 at 11:21 am

    You always ask such good questions. I never really thought about this one before.

    I’m a little timid and shy. The people I hang around with most are my sister-in-laws and friends that I made at work. What does that say about me? I guess that I’m “a little timid and shy” and don’t stray too far from my comfortable place to make friends.


    • Thanks for stopping by Susan, and putting some thought into this question. I know A LOT of people who are closest to their family and co-workers. Some of my best friends are my own sister and friends I used to work with. Have a great weekend!


  2. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! your analogy of meaty, cheesy, well-done…and oh so good. That’s BRILLIANT, Tracy!

    And I have to agree with the well-done. OMG, I can’t stand RARE meat! BLAH!

    I’m a lot like you in that many of my friends have very different and sometimes completely opposing characteristics. Yet, I really enjoy hanging out with people who are different than me because it makes for great learning. I’m kinda like a chameleon (HA!), I can adapt myself to most everyone and every situation.

    Love the photo of you with the cheese!

    Fab post!


  3. Some of my friends are crazy, like me, while others are calmer and probably think I’m a nutso but are too polite to tell me.

    And now I’m hungry.


  4. Posted by suzicate on February 28, 2011 at 9:19 am

    Love this analogy! ” I can handle justified, rational emotion, but I don’t do drama.”-Me, either!


  5. I love this! So clever!

    Most of my friends are cheesey too. 😉


  6. Anyone willing to wear a Cheesehead, rocks! Have to admit a taste for rare meat though, if not crazy oozing emotions.

    And molten lava cake… yummy, yummy. The BEST kind of friends, good to the last drop.


  7. Many of the people in my life are silly and like to laugh a lot. Yes, I would say that would describe me quite well. 🙂


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