Notes on Sunny Days


Last week I walked into the bedroom of my favorite 7-year-old and saw this…

Let’s look a little closer…

I almost couldn’t believe it.  She had posted positive messaging in her own pen and art all over the wall. 

I thought about how many times I wake up in the mornings, turn on the news, and start the day with negatives. 

I thought about all the times I’ve gone to sleep at night with not much more on my mind than the stresses and anxieties that will be waiting for me the next day.  

I thought about how often I can get so down on myself, wondering why I am not better, smarter, funnier, or more outgoing than I am. 

Then, I thought about how great it would be instead to begin and end each day with positives…something that isn’t all that easy to do in my mid-life years. 

I asked my favorite 7-year-old to help me make some notes for my own room.  I wrote the messages.  She drew the art.  I know that there is no possible way that she could understand the profound impact that her young, creative mind has had on my daily outlook over the past few days.  I plan on saving the notes we created together and telling her about it one day, at least a decade from now.  I will tell her how she, as a young girl, helped me to pump up the positive.

If you could write one positive message to yourself, what would it say?

on sunny days

After the messaging creation was complete and long past 7-year-old bedtime, I walked down the hall, passing her room.  Something else caught my eye…another note.  This one was taped on the outside of her door.  Was it?  Is it?  Could it be?  Yes, yes it was.  I think we have a future blog-star on our hands.

On Sunny Days

On sunny days I sit and play.

I run.  I jump.  I wait for tomorrow.

And some days I say to myself, “what a wonderful day.”

Do you ever wait to do things?

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9 responses to this post.

  1. Quinten and I loved this!


  2. Posted by Leslie on January 24, 2011 at 10:33 am

    My note would read “Make today the best day it can be.”


  3. Posted by Susan on January 24, 2011 at 10:36 am

    Don’t worry about the little things.


  4. *sitting here smiling from ear to ear*

    OMG…aren’t children the BEST to snap you into truth? This is why I love being around kids so much – they are the greatest teachers!

    Adorable drawings, Tracy. And so wise!

    My note would read: “Don’t ever forget your child-within”

    Fab post! Hope you’re having a great Monday!


  5. Great post. I’ve got three kids that post notes and hand-drawn pictures all over the house. They’re more of the things they love like horses and trucks and kittens. Occasionally, I post notes, too. The one that’s been on my kitchen cupboard since I watched Nim’s Island in the theatre is: Be the Hero in your own story. I think Alex Rover (Gerard Butler) said that line. I also have: Life is all about attitude. That’s one I made up.


  6. Believe. In your dreams. In yourself.

    ps.Great post!


  7. Thanks everyone, for sharing your positive notes!


  8. Posted by suzicate on January 26, 2011 at 7:40 pm

    Love this…kids really can (and do) teach us a thing or two or three or four…!! I have a big smile on my face.


  9. I love this post!!!When did 7 year olds get to be so wise? Are you sure she hasn’t been reading Louise Hay? Positive affirmations is something we all can benefit from.. What a great kid you have!


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