The Junk In My Trunk

Before you turn away or get too excited…this post is not about my…


The absolute greatest part about hosting The Chameleon’s Backbone…besides using myself as a lab rat for BACKBONE testing and strength training…is YOU.

As far as I can tell, there are about 60 of you out there reading on a regular basis.  The number doesn’t matter.  What matters most is that we’re pondering thoughts together about ourselves and our lives.  We’re learning who we are beneath our skin…realizing that our uniqueness is awesome…and musing over how we express ourselves to the outside world.    

Some of your comments on prior posts have been so incredibly insightful…and funny…and thought-provoking that  I’ve been tempted to write some very long replies.  Instead, I’m picking a few recent comments and will be continuing the conversation here on the main page.

So without further adieu and thanks to Joanne at One Woman’s Eye for inspiring…

The Junk in My Trunk

In the post A Plastic Santa and the Red Velvet Cake, I showed you my massive collection of holiday decorations.  Joanne commented that she tends to hold onto things that have sentimental value.  That got me thinking about the sentimental things I own. 

I looked around my house and saw this…


…a musical angel with the chipped wing that sits on my fireplace mantle.  I don’t remember when I got this, but I was a very young girl.  Looking at her, memories flood my mind.  Like the pink shag carpet in the bedroom I shared with my sister (it was the 70s). 

But the real juicy stuff…the most sentimental things I own from childhood…are not suitable for display on the fireplace mantle.  They are all in a trunk.  Joanne’s comment inspired me to lift its lid and look inside. 

 The inventory:

  • prom dress
  • baby book
  • graduation gowns
  • Ted (a.k.a. my teddy bear)
  • various newspaper and magazine articles
  • a Raggedy Ann & Andy blanket
  • my high school letter

Like I said…the junk in my trunk is not suitable to display.  I mean, what would people say if they walked into my living room and saw this above the fireplace…


And before you say that saving sentimental items is a female thing, I assure you that it’s not.  Guys save baseball cards, trophies, and other important things.  Even teddy bears.  I know because I also lifted the lid of my husband’s trunk.  And guess what I found…

What sentimental items do you still have from childhood?  Why are they special to you?

A HUGE THANK YOU to every reader.  The Chameleon’s Backbone is not about me.  It’s about us…about you.  I’m simply hosting.  Your comments are an extension of each post and every comment is appreciated and accepted, even if you don’t necessarily agree with me.  After all, if we were all like-minded, life would be pretty predictable and boring.  

Stay tuned for future posts inspired by your comments.


13 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Shelby Pi on January 11, 2011 at 11:37 pm

    Ahhh, the junk. I am very sentimental but I have moments when I get sick of all the clutter. And in those moments, I recklessly throw everything out! When I was 11, I threw out my entire toy box and everything that was in it. I only regret not saving this cool life size (of an 8 year old life that is) bunny that strapped onto my wrists and ankles and I could walk her around. My brother had one too. THAT is the one I wish I had saved. But although I do keep some things, the most important sentimental item are the journals I keep and photos I take. Those are my most favorite items. My mom didn’t take a lot of photos of me and, honestly, she doesn’t remember a lot of my child rearing since she was a single parent that worked 2 jobs and went to school. So I always wonder what I was like in someone else’s eyes and because of that I keep journals for my kids. I have about 6 of them now from the last 11 years (my son being 11 years 4 months). These journals and the incredulous amount of photos I take of their lives is my way of saying all their little things are important to me now and always. I write because life is so busy that I have found I have already forgotten some details that I was sure I would NEVER forget. I wonder sometimes when the kids finally get to break into these journals how incredibly bored they are going to be, but I guess if they get any joy at all out of them it is all worth it.

    I know this kind of got away from my own childhood but had someone kept notes about me, they would have been my favorite.


    • First off, that bunny rabbit sounds like the best toy EVER! It’s so wonderful that you’re keeping journals for your kids. I can only picture them reading about you and their young lives in my mind’s eye, but the look on their faces is priceless.


      • Posted by Shelby Pi on January 12, 2011 at 4:46 pm

        OK, I just remembered something…not a toy but my baptismal gown. My grandmother made it for me and it completely encircled my infant body. I have kept it all these years and the bright white has turned to an antique white but it is still beautiful and I was able to give it to my daughter and have her completely encircled too! That was special.


  2. Posted by Andie on January 12, 2011 at 8:20 am

    Today’s blog caused me to ask the question…do I have any material items that are sentimental to me? I have moved a lot and there was a particular time in my life when I did a major cleaning out and left those things behind…my Baby Boo, my plastic yellow telephone, my rocking chair, and yes, even my teddy bear (he was moldy).The only thing I saved and took with me on my travels was my Bible. Lately, I have been wishing I had that rocking chair but luckily all of those things are still clearly in my mind. However, I have been thinking I need more reminders of those special times. Therefore, this past summer when I was visiting my Mom I took inventory of her “stuff”. I requested she put my name on my Grandma’s wind-up clock. As a young kid, I could hear the hourly chime all the way upstairs lying in bed under a foot of quilts. If I listen very carefully, I can still hear it (Luckily I have a strong memory!) My Dad owned his own business when I was a young kid. Even though he worked all the time, I was always with him. The guy put me to work probably as soon as I could walk and I am thankful for that. Whether it was sweeping out the truck bay, loading trucks, or doing the bookwork, I treasure all of these simple memories because I was with my Dad. This summer I took a few trinkets of his business and made them a part of my home. They are not currently sitting on the mantle but I KNOW they are here physically and AlWAYS in my heart.

    I look forward to reading everyone else’s comments. It is a sure bet they will trigger more thought provoking hmmmm’s for me


    • Tick tock Andie, that clock sounds like a special item to you. Photos and pictures stored in your mind’s eye can be just as special and triggering as saved items locked in a trunk. Now that I think about it, the photos of me in my prom dress are more special than the dress itself. Perhaps I should donate it, but no teenager on the planet would want a dress from 1988 unless she was going to a retro glam party.


  3. Most things from my childhood are just memories stored in the trunk of my mind…physically, I can only think of a pair of baby socks and a DAR medal won for an essay in elementary school…I wish I’d kept more…forgot, there are a few report cards and a letter to my parents…those things my mom saved. But there are certain things I wished I’d kept.


    • Isn’t it funny how moms are the reason we have most of those token items from our childhood. I wouldn’t have the junk in my trunk if my mom hadn’t “socked” it away.


  4. “And before you say that saving sentimental items is a female thing, I assure you that it’s not true.”

    You are soooooo right, because I’m a male and I also collect sentimental things.

    For instance….TEDDY BEARS. I swear. And also TROLLS!


    Love your teddy bears, Tracy! They’re adorable!

    And thank YOU for hosting this blog. I’m really enjoying it!

    Have a super Wednesday!


    • Ron, you are so sweet. Come on…show me the junk in your trunk – a photo of your teddies and trolls can be sent to my e-mail (hint, hint).


  5. I’ve only got a FEW things that are childhood relics, but I’m very, very fond of those. I do think it’s important that there’s balance and discretion in what we choose to keep. As someone who lived with a hoarder, it seemed that every piece of junk his hands once brushed against possessed sentimental value, and could *not* be thrown away, no matter how big, broken, and butt-ugly it was.


    • I have one small trunk, and that’s enough. That hoarders show on TV is unbelievable. I totally agree that keeping big, butt-ugly things (LOL) against the wishes of your Goddess is not a smart move. 🙂


  6. I actually have some books from my childhood. They are children’s books that I read when I was little and I want to pass them on to my kids when I have them.


    • What a great idea! My favorite kid book was Are You My Mother? by none other than the famous Dr. Seuss. My copy is long gone, but it would have been cool to still have it.


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