Curiosity and the Care Package

Most of this past week I spent on airplanes and working in Salt Lake City.  With the few free hours I did have, exploring the City was on my to-do list.   A fresh, wet snow had fallen the night before and everything was beautifully snow-covered…

The hotel was only a few blocks from Temple Square, so that’s where I headed first.  This time of year, most visitors to Utah are going to the ski resorts, but Temple Square is the State’s most popular tourist destination.  It covers three city blocks and is the center of Mormonism…or as the locals say, LDS.  Short for “the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.” 

Besides seeing the Mormon Tabernacle Choir on TV for a random holiday special, I didn’t know much else about the religion.  So, it was Curiosity that drew me to Temple Square.  And, I wanted to see the actual Temple, up close.

When you think about it, Curiosity is kind of powerful.  It’s the part of our personalities that drives us to explore…to uncover information…to find answers.  It’s a driving force, yet a personality trait that’s rarely talked about. 

I guess that makes me curious about Curiosity. 

After walking around the Square, going through the visitor’s center, and talking to a few missionaries there, my curiosity about LDS faded…and pretty quickly.  I found out about the basic tenants of their beliefs, looked at the amazing architecture and Christmas displays, and then I was ready to explore other parts of the downtown.  

Why was my curiosity satisfied so fast?  I thought about this for a while and determined that it was because I wasn’t very attracted to the subject.  And, when I’m not attracted to something, I’m not drawn to dig deeper. 

The same goes with people. If I’m attracted to someone’s personality (or looks), I want to know more about them.  I ask questions.  I want details. I seek more information.  I’m engaged.  I care. 

However, if I’m not attracted to something or someone, I’m not curious.  I don’t care that much. I don’t ask questions. I’m ready to move on. 

Does that mean that Attraction + Curiosity = Caring?

I’ve never cared about something or someone simply because there was an attraction.  The caring always seems to develop from the “information gathering” that occurs out of curiosity.  It’s the curiosity that develops the relationship, not the attraction.  But, it’s the attraction that spurs the curiosity. 

How strong is your sense of curiosity?  Do you think that attraction and curiosity are linked?  

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