Baby, it’s cold outside!  Here in Western Pennsylvania our trees are frozen solid.  Burrrr…
I think I understand why bears crawl into cozy dens and hibernate for the winter.  Sometimes I envy the bear.  Like, why can’t I go into a dormant, sleep-like state for the winter…and lose up to 40 percent of my body fat in the process?  Bypassing winter would be a-okay with me.   Let’s give a cheer to hibernation…
  • I say burr.
  • You say den.
  • Burr. Den.  Burr. Den. 
  •  Gooooo Bears!
Using a random number generator, the winner of the Mamalita book giveaway is Val, who answered “right to life.”  I think that was a good answer, and admirable of her to state. 
I promise not to get too deep for a Friday, so I’ll make my point quick.  I was raised Catholic and was  taught that life begins at conception and ends at natural death.  As I passed through my 20s and 30s, I thought about the right to life issue many times and whether I truly believed as I was taught.  I’ve never known someone close to me who chose to end a pregnancy at the beginning of a life or that contemplated an act of mercy at the end of a life.  Therefore, I cannot speak from a personal experience.  However, I can honestly say that I do believe in the right to life except in an extreme circumstance.  Ending a human life because it would be seen as a burden is beyond my scope of understanding.
What are you doing this weekend to celebrate your own life?  
Or, if you want to get deep on the weekend…what are your thoughts on the right to life?  Has your stance always been the same, or has it changed over time?
Check back on Monday for a recap of the upcoming Holiday Party plans in my near future.  Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. Posted by Shelby Pi Fierces on December 10, 2010 at 5:52 pm

    I love the frozen tree photo…that is one for the wall! As far as the actual topic of Right to Life, I was also raised Catholic but very loosely. I am not sure anyone even talked to me about that until I was an older teen or an adult. In the beginning of my thoughts on this topic, I was “PRO-CHOICE”, which I believed was “PRO-WOMAN”. I thought no one would tell me what I was going to do with my body. But as time passed, I realized most of the time no one is telling us what to do with our bodies, we are making our own choices and, guess what, there are consequences to our choices; good and bad. So as I “grew up” I began to see things in a different light but the real clencher for me was having my own child and thinking of all the terrible things that could go wrong and still wanting that baby NO MATTER WHAT. Also being a part of so many other children’s lives I have FULLY changed my stance and have tried to convince others to see things in a different light. Now and for at least 12 years, I am completely and utterly PRO-LIFE.

    I know that some people’s arguments for pro-choice are that if a woman was raped and got pregnant it wouldn’t be fair for the mother or baby or if the baby has such issues that it wouldn’t be expected to live, or live long, or live a good life. I know these would be hard circumstance, but I do believe that things happen for a reason and we, the human race, do NOT have the right to end someone else’s life no matter why it happened or how we think it is going to turn out. It is just not our job.

    Lighter topic, having a family Christmas party this weekend where the kids go to see Santa and ride a lit-up Train! These joys are some of my favorites!


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