Staying on Track

I’m smack dab in the middle of a business trip.  The good = sunshine and palm trees.  The bad = I’m in an office building and can’t see either except during the five-mile hotel-to-work commute. 

Come Friday, the scale of happiness will tip in my favor because I’m headed out to Catalina Island to watch my friend run the Catalina Marathon.  Until then, it’s work, work, work and enjoyable after work dinners.  Last night, I went to Javier’s in the Irvine Spectrum.  The food was a-maaa-zing.

So many things in life seem to have good sides and bad sides.  Ups and downs.  Hills and valleys.  How many times have we heard…or said ourselves…“I just want to be happy!” 

That concept reminds me of something I read in an e-mail last week.  It was an excerpt from Business World in an article titled “Wisdom from the Warrens.” 

“Rick Warren, author of The Purpose-Driven Life, first pointed out how life works.  He noted that life is not really a series of hills and valleys, ups and downs, or highs and lows,  as is often portrayed.  Instead, he explained, “Life is actually more like two rails of a railroad track, with one rail representing the bad things that happen in your life, and other rail representing the good things. We always have both at the same time- never just one or the other. Life is never all good or all bad. Both come at you simultaneously. No matter how good things are, there’s always something you need to be working on, and no matter how bad things are, there is always something good you can thank God for.””

 That is so true!!

 What is the best thing happening in your life right now?  Is your railroad car of happiness in the lead?

One response to this post.

  1. I’m struggling to keep the happiness car in the lead, but I’m doing it! The best thing happening in my life right now is the contentedness I’m finding with myself. I’ve been struggling for a long while to be satisfied with who I am and these days I feel like I’ve finally achieved it.
    I’m very jealous of the warm temps and palm trees. Although you’re stuck in an office, at least you know they’re out there. Although W. PA’s weather today is sunny and 60. Not too bad.
    Enjoy your time out west!


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