If you haven’t yet read Wednesday’s post, Picture Your Future Self, check it out below.  Jill at Resolution of Happiness has a great essence of me photo on her site, found here.  I really like the picture she posted because it says something about her.  It’s a great example of what I was talking about in Picture Your Future Self.  Remember, if you post a photo, send me your link so that I can acknowledge your amazing-ness.

Today was a rainy day here in Western Pennsylvania.  Los Angeles is having record heat.  We are having this…

With the turn in weather, many of us are feeling sluggish.  Also, now that the heat is running, your skin may be getting more dry.  Debbie at Food-Loose warns that if you feel tired and dried-out, you may be dehydrated. 

I usually drink water when I’m working out, but since I’ve been a total slacker in that area lately, I haven’t been getting enough.  Where’s the Waterboy when you need him?  Oh…Adam….

  The Waterboy (C) Columbia Pictures

Debbie says…

Whether you think of yourself as a glass half-full or half-empty kind of person, don’t forget to fill it up……6 to 8 times to get the recommended daily amount.  Virtually nothing takes place in the body without water playing a vital role.  Almost all of the body’s cells need water to perform their functions.  Apparently, the Waterboy was onto something.  Here are some amazing facts: 

  • Approximately 37 percent of Americans mistake thirst for hunger because their thirst detection mechanism is weak. 
  • Mild dehydration may slow human metabolism by as much as 3 percent.  
  • And believe it or not, lack of water is the number one trigger of fatigue during the day.

Gotta run, its 5 o’clock somewhere at my water bar! 

I think I’ll book a flight to Los Angeles to enjoy their record heat wave.  When it is hot outside, I always drink water.  But, when the temps turn cold, I tend to forget about it.  I think a little California hotness would put me back on the right track.  And, while I am there, maybe I’ll sneak in a little beach and spa time – both wonderful uses of water in my book.  Time for a little internal and external hydro-therapy.

When the weather turns cold, do your healthy habits go into hibernation?  Do you have any tips/tricks to stay healthy during the winter?

One response to this post.

  1. Weee! I’m famous! Thanks for the link!
    As for staying healthy in cold weather, I keep up my Pilates/CrossFit routine and I add in hot yoga now and again. It just feels incredible to sit in a 95 degree hot and humid room in the middle of winter. Gallons of water and lots of lotion to stay hydrated inside and out. And believe it or not I love to run in the cold weather.
    Most importantly, though is to stay active when the weather is cold and watch out for those comfort foods.


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