Picture Your Future Self

Do you know your true inner self?  Do you strive to be the best version of you?

A few months ago when I was searching for the answers to these questions, I found myself frequently looking through years of photos…remembering everything I had done, all the places I had lived, and the various people who had entered and exited my life.  I began to realize that no matter how many times I shed my skin and changed my colors in a day…or a week…or a year…or a lifetime…it was still the same me in those pictures, regardless of the setting.  After a few trips down memory lane, I identified a collection of pictures that showed the essence of me at various points in my life.  Those were the pictures that I kept flipping back to, over and over again. 

So, being all high-techy like, I loaded all of my favorite essence of me pictures onto a digital photo frame.  By looking at this collection pictures as they rotated in the frame, I began to see a vision of my future self.  It was of a happy, healthy, confident, fun-loving, self-driven woman and wife who firmly stands by her convictions.  Sadly, I wasn’t seeing that person when I looked in the mirror.  There was internal confusion.  I needed to “see” my vision to know that it was possible to achieve. 

When a recent opportunity arose to capture a current essence of me photo, I jumped at the chance.


[A shout-out to Dobrick Photography & Design in Indiana, PA.  If you’re a local, Jim is a great photographer.]

If you can’t seem to visualize your future self, take the time to do it.  We spend so much of our time planning our finances, our careers, the lives of our children, and so on, that we often don’t make a plan for our inner self.  But, when you think about it, a self plan is the most important plan that you can make.

To get the process started, find a current picture of yourself that epitomizes happiness.  Make sure that feeling of happiness is showing through in your eyes and is felt in your heart when you look at the picture.  (This is important because so much our ourselves cannot be seen on the outside.)   If you can’t find such a photo, have a picture taken in a scene that shows the essence of you.  For me, it was looking straight ahead, entangled with my husband.  Take as many photos as needed to get the right shot. 

Look at the picture often.  Think about your future self.  Project that person in your daily life.  Know that you are empowered to make any changes that might be needed to be that person, inside and out.  Having a vision and being able to see it in a photo can completely change your outlook and perspective.

What does the picture of your future self look like?

 My future self is_______________________. 

I encourage you to find your own essence of me picture and reflect on it daily.  If you have your own blog and post your picture, send me a link and I will advertise your post!

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4 responses to this post.

  1. It’s so interesting that you posted this because I had a similar experience with those t-shirt modeling shots I did last week (http://www.resolutionofhappiness.com/?p=216)
    I have a picture in my head of what I look like and when I see a photo of myself (or, heaven forbid, a video) it doesn’t seem to match how I see myself and it upsets me. I avoid having my photo taken most of the time because of it.
    But those t-shirt shots really showed the me I see in my mind. Or maybe it’s that I’m coming to grips with the real me finally and my mind’s eye ME and the real ME are starting to become the same person. Either way, I think what you wrote here is so insightful – it is invaluable to know the real YOU inside and out.
    And that photo of you and your man is beautiful!


  2. Jill – I read your blog regularly but somehow missed your post on 11/1. That’s an awesome photo of you, but what’s so great is that the scene also says something ABOUT you, which captures the essence of your personality. Great job, girl!!!!


  3. Wow! I absolutely love this! As you know, in the past I have used photos of myself in a negative way, so I love how you’ve turned it into a positive!


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