Oh Deer…What’s She Wearing Now?

Welcome to November.  I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!  I sure did…

Mr. Backbone dressed as a hunter and I let him chase me around in the smokey night air with an axe.  I know.  I’m an amazing wife…

I bought the deer antlers at a State Forest gift shop last summer.  I always buy stupid things just because they are…stupid. 

I usually dress for Halloween, even if it’s only to pass out candy.  One little girl told her mom that I was a reindeer. Awe…..Obviously, the axe was put safely away by then.

The cool thing about Halloween is that you can be practically anything or anyone you want to be, temporarily.  Conceal your identity, disappear, take on an alter ego, have fun in masquerade.  When I’m in costume, my personality does sort of change based on my appearance.  Last night, my animal instincts were in high gear.

Does the same concept hold true on a regular day-to-day basis?  When you dress like a professional, do you feel more business-minded?  When you lace up your shoes for a run, do you feel more athletic?  In formal wear, do you act more grown up and serious? 

We live in a society where we have the freedom to dress…pretty much…any way we want.  And…we do…some to greater extremes than others.  Look in your closet – what’s in there?  Like it or not, your wardrobe is an expression of your personality.  I just took a peek into mine.  Yep…it certainly says a lot about me.  It’s also telling me that my collection of clothes needs to grow up a little.  Too many tank tops.   Too many printed tee-shirts.  Not enough outfits that say I’m a professional woman making a mark on the world.  It’s time to start making a change. 

What do the contents of your closet say about you?  Is it right?


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  1. Is there where we admit to being clotheshorses? Confirmed. I am one.
    I do agree that what you wear affects one’s attitude and how you act. This is why my mom always told me to get up in the morning, take a shower, brush the teeth, fix the hair and even put on a little makeup — even if you’re not going anywhere or feeling sick. It sets a tone for the day. On the days where I know I’m not leaving the house and don’t follow her advice, it’s so much easier to be lazy and slack off.
    But for Halloween it’s ok to let the other parts of our personality out! You make those antlers look good! 🙂


    • Thanks for the antler compliment. A few people said I had a nice rack – thanks for not going there LOL. My mother-in-law follows your mom’s advice. I’ve never once seen her without makeup. I also admit to being lazy in the grooming department when I’m home alone.


  2. Love your Halloween costumes! I probably have way more clothes than I need,,,but most are casual.


  3. That’s an awesome couples costume! So creative 😀


  4. Posted by Cindy on May 24, 2011 at 10:53 am

    OMG…does my wardrobe really reflect who I am–or have become. Which makes me a “3/4 length sleeve plus slacks in the four basic colors (black, brown, navy, grey) with a bit of orange and green thrown in.” I’ve become: servicable, convenient, simple, easy to put together. Where did the wild bib-overalls wearing, carefree, hitchhike across Greece person go to? (For that matter, what happened to Greece?)


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