The Gold Seal

Whether you are tricking or treating this weekend, be safe and smart.  I wear a costume every year.  I think the wild side of my chameleon-like personality will be making an appearance this year.  Photos on Monday…

Today I ventured to the Hallmark store for Mission Impossible.  In other words, to find a few Halloween cards that had nice designs, appropriate wording, didn’t sing or play music, and cost less than a cheeseburger and fries.  As I said, was an impossible mission.

I managed to find a few cards that fit the bill.  To the checkout I went…prepared to be drilled with questions. 

Clerk:  Do you have a Hallmark Crown Rewards Card?

Me: No and no thanks.

Clerk:  Okay.  That will be $11.93.  Would you like Gold Seals for these?

Me:  Absolutely. 

Of course I want the gold seals.  They signify to my friends that I threw down full price instead of picking up two for a buck at the Dollar Tree.  In fact, the gold seals make me feel a little better about the over-spending.  It’s a stupid marketing gimmick to symbolize quality, but I get it.  I get it.  I get the gold seal thing.  The stickers.  The gold stickers.  But, wouldn’t it be totally cool and actually worth the $12 I just spent on three folded pieces of heavy-stock paper with not-so-funny sayings if this type of golden seal popped up from behind the counter…

Another Type of Gold Seal
Another Type of Gold Seal


There are a few quality people who I’d like to mark with a gold seal.  People with high integrity, honor, honesty, good judgment, charisma, and compassion.  Or, any combination of good-person qualities that underlie our exterior envelopes.  You are quality.  You deserve a seal. 

Do you know anyone that deserves a gold seal? 


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