If you’re looking for music from the 60s (yah, man) or photos of hippies in tie dye…you’re in the wrong place of cyberspace.  But, please continue reading…you just might like the non-musical and drug-free version of self-discovery…

I usually end posts with a question.  Today, let’s start with a question, which is one of my favorites from The Book of Questions

If you could live one year of your life in total happiness, but afterward not remember it, would you? 

Think about it.  Would you?  If you’re inclined to comment now, go ahead (at the top)…but come back and continue reading.  If you need a minute to ponder your answer… go ahead…take your time…my virtual self is not in a hurry…I’ll just sit here peacefully and wait.

There have been a ton of photos posted on the Internet of the beautiful Northeastern U.S. fall foliage.  It inspired me to grab my camera and go for a walk in our local nature park. 


I looked for colorful leaves, but didn’t find very many.  It smelled like fall.  It felt like fall.  But, to tell the truth, the trees were green and yellow…and the fallen leaves were mostly brown.  Fall is different every year.  Last year was awesomely colorful and I wished it would stay that way until spring.  This year, not so colorful…but skipping winter would still be a-okay with me. 

I hate to think that the dreaded 4-letter word s-n-o-w will arrive in a few months.  I always take a vacation in the winter and escape to a warm place with sun, sand, and room service.  Each year, the trip comes and goes too fast…just like the fall leaves.  I prepare in advance and make Great plans.  The trip is always Full of fun and relaxation.  Then it is over and Dead and I’m on a plane heading back home to winter-ville. 

I call these parts of my life Great-Full-Dead experiences.  I anticipate them, enjoy them to their fullest, and then poof…they’re gone.  I’ve thought about the question above numerous times and have changed my answer a few times.  When I answer yes, I want a year of non-remembered happiness, I think of the year like a long Great-Full-Dead experience.  But, when I answer no, I don’t want to give up a full year of memory, it’s because looking at those vacation photos makes my heart leap with joy. 

A lot of things in life don’t last…but our memories carry on inside us forever. 

How would you answer the question above?

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4 responses to this post.

  1. I am not looking forward to the winter. I don’t mind snow, when I don’t have to drive in it.


  2. I really can’t answer that question. It is actually taxing my emotions trying to do so. A crying fit right now in my office…not a good thing.


  3. That’s a tough question. Living in the moment the happiness would be worth it; however we live in memory. The leaves are just starting to turn here. The colors are prettier in some area than others. I love Autumn…I am not a Winter person.


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