The Man Mall

I’m all for equality among the sexes.  But, I certainly don’t need to be knocked on the head with the inequality stick to know that “equal” is not synonymous with “same.”  Before this weekend, if anyone would have asked me if men and women are the same I would have burst into laughter and asked if they were serious.  Have you ever tried to go shopping together?  Nope…definitely not the same.

But then…this happened…

Saturday night, my husband and I went out with another couple to a cool little tapas place.  We drove together …boys in the front…girls in the back.  Peering over the headrest I see Chris pull a piece of paper from his shirt pocket.  He reads from the page to Mr. Backbone.   I wonder what man-thing it could be about…

  • News?
  • Sports? 
  • Directions to the bar?
  • Instructions on how to fix our leaky toilet?

So, we get there and grab a table outside.  Once we got settled, it was time for beer selection.  From the wall-to-wall beer cooler, I grabbed one with an interesting label.  I usually pick beer by its label.  This one seemed so introspective that it just had to be good! 


My pick-system worked.  It was fabulous.  A robust, creamy Belgian with a cherry on top.

Next, the men went inside for their picks.  They were gone for a long……long time.  What’s up with that?  Did they fall into the urinal?  Were their eyeballs attached to the flat screen?  Was there a cute blonde leaning over the bar? 

Nope.  There they were, along with about 10 other men…staring glassy eyed into the beer cooler.  They all looked so serious considering the monumental decision they were about to make.  And there stood Chris with his paper from the car…a Men’s Health magazine article “Healthy Beer.”  Is there really such a thing?  Pla-ease.   


Alas!  Men and women are not so different after all!  I had finally found the place where men like to shop, much the same as women shop at Prime Outlets.  They had done their research, scanned the isles, read the labels, looked at the prices…and were overwhelmed by the number of selections.  All the sizes, and colors, and new arrivals, and labeling!  The wall-to-wall beer cooler is….(cue the Beethoven…dunt, dunt, dunt, duhhhh…) THE MAN MALL.

Its isles look like this…

Not this…

Ladies, even though we may have found some similarities here, I still don’t recommend that you take your man shopping unless his closet starts to scream for mercy.  And when you do, don’t make him feel less of a man by insisting that you buy him holiday underwear.  You know, like these Monkey-Headed Skeleton Briefs for the upcoming Halloween season.  Sorry honey – they were just too cute to pass up.


When it comes to day-to-day decision-making, in what ways do you think men and women are most different?

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  1. Posted by suzicate on October 6, 2010 at 4:49 pm

    I must admit I first thought the Man Mall was going to be a hardware store, but hey beer, now that’s a place I like to browse!


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