Summer Spook

Today we turn the page of our calendars to September.  It’s been such a beautiful summer!  Wherever you live, I hope that your summer has been as sun-shiny as mine.  Here in western Pennsylvania, the temps have been HOT, so I was able to mix up my exercise routine the past few months by adding in some swimming.  Not laps.  Laps kill me.  Let’s just call it water aerobics for one. 

Here, the nights are starting to get cooler.  The air is crisper.  The humidity is gone.  Fall is just weeks away.  The last holiday weekend is almost here.  I know it’s only Wednesday, but I’m thinking about the long weekend already.  Do you blame me? 

My family always has a cookout on Labor Day.  So, I went to the store looking for picnic supplies.  Plastic cups, plates, the usual.  I was thinking about a red, white, and blue American theme.  Nice touch, huh

But nooooooo, what I got was nearly attacked in the isle by this


I know the stores need to stock for holidays, but why the rush?  Seeing decorations for a holiday that’s still 8 weeks away gets my mind churning and planning for the next two seasons.  Where are my winter boots?  Did I dry clean my ski jacket last year?  Which family member is on the hook for hosting Thanksgiving dinner?  Aughh!

Needless to say, there wasn’t a single picnic supply to be found in the store.  I went home with a two-foot straw pumpkin for my dining room table.  Good grief.

I tend to think ahead, but only about important things…like, financial planning, career advancement, and personal goals.  Planning far ahead for things that I know can easily be done on short-notice (like holiday decorating) makes my head spin and to-do list overly long. 

What things do you plan for far in advance?  Do you have your Halloween costume selected yet, or your outdoor gear ready for this weekend? 

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7 responses to this post.

  1. Welll…I don’t do the costume thing on Halloween, just decorate and give out candy. I never know how I am going to feel on that day (Dad died on Halloween) so I try to keep it low key. Someday maybe I’ll go back to dressing up.
    I try to prepare for the holidays in general b/c I have a second job that gets INSANE that time of year. (Store that rhymes with Lottery Yarn.) Never seems to work out right. I promised myself that I would quit before the holidays…I did last year too. We’ll see what happens.


    • Working retail during the holidays would be quite interesting I’m sure. I understand how Halloween would be tough for you and the memories associated with that day. I always dress up, even if it’s just to pass out candy – I love being someone “else” for a day.


  2. I hate preplanning holidays like that. I am always so pathetic about costumes!


  3. Did you know I went into a store the other day that had Christmas stuff displayed. Yeah, Christmas! Ugh!! I hate that. I even hate that Halloween is up.

    Aside from financial planning, planning for career and or family vacations here is my thought on all the rest….

    Why the rush? Why must we all rush to be thinking of the next holiday? Why can’t we be happy enjoying what is going on in the moment. Guess what I buy Halloween the 2nd week in October and they still have great decorations up. Oh and Christmas I go shopping in December, nothing before. For me it isn’t procrastination it is living in the moment.

    I am a planner by nature. I make lists, I love nothing more than checking off the To Do List. I have spreadsheets that detail out our next vacation or the next grocery trip. However, I live in the moment and enjoy what is before me today. Otherwise I would always be thinking at the Labor Day BBQ how I need to get out the Halloween supplies.

    I just feel like society has molded us to believe that we always have to be rushing our lives ahead….


    • Ditto. We think very much alike – are you my twin? haha! One year I didnt even decorate for Christmas. We were leaving for vacation on the 27th and I know I wouldnt want to be taking down Santas when we returned.


  4. I just cannot bring myself to decorate far in advance, but I do make mental plans far in advance. For example, I do know what my Halloween costume will be, although I haven’t actually procured the elements of it.

    I’m from western Pennsylvania too! I’ve been enjoying the heat we’ve had this week, but you’re right that there’s something in the air that signals that fall is not far off. The leaves are thinking about changing too.


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