Now is Not Forever

Friday has arrived and so has the end of “Change the Way You See, Not the Way you Look” week.  Have you done something nice for yourself this week?  If not, practice a little self-love today! 



My copy of the book Operation Beautiful arrived by mail today and I can’t wait to read it.  I don’t know why I do this, but before reading any book I always flip to the back and read the credits and acknowledgements.  This time I had a nice surprise.  In the back of Operation Beautiful was a list of “Motivational Mantras.”  There was one that I really liked: 

Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end. 

We all seem to get sooo stressed out about the right now.  We trick ourselves into believing that how things are today will be that way forever.  And, it’s simply not true.   How many times have you heard your friends say things like… 

  •  Marc broke up with me today; I’ll never date anyone ever again.
  • That dress doesn’t fit me anymore; I’ll always be too big for it.
  • I had a fight with my brother; he’ll never talk to me again.
  • I got my bank statement; we’ll always be broke!
If you say these sorts of always and never statements, try to stop thinking that way.  Time passes.  Situations change.  Circumstances change.   Take a minute and think about how many things you were once upset about that were resolved or that time healed.  I’ll bet there were many, too many to even count.
Yesterday I was Busy (with a capital B!).  I kept saying “tomorrow will NEVER come!”  Well, whatta-ya-know, here I am in tomorrow-land.  Nine months ago I was so depressed that I figured I would NEVER be happy again.  Well, looky-here, life is still not perfect , but I’m much happier!!  What about you?
Have you ever thought something would never change, but then it did for the better?

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