Drinking Wine and Watching Kung Fu

Last night, my husband and I checked out a local bar for a late 9PM dinner.  He had just flown back from Business Land and a glass of wine sounded great!  

The bar scene was un-us-u-al.  Let me break it down for you…

  • a large group of 40-somethings having a birthday party;
  • two men with ponytails;
  • a random mixture of professionals and couples;
  • a few ballcaped good ol’ boys watching motocross on TV (only after pleading with the bartender to turn off the Paul Mitchell kung-fu tournament); 
  • oh, and let me not forget the group of guys with blow outs and muscle shirts who could quite possibly be stand-ins for the next season of Jersey Shore.  I wonder if they used Paul Mitchell products to get those Jersey-like hairdos?

Wow, what a mix of bar-goers on a Thursday night. 

Team Paul Mitchell (c)….

May I introduce you to the bar scene….

With such a diverse group, it got me thinking about social skills and comfort level in public places.  Some people are very comfortable going to a bar or restaurant alone, while others are terrified.  This has very little to do with Confidence, but it certainly is an indication of where you fall on the scale of Outgoing…to…Reserved.

Personally, I don’t mind going it alone, but only to certain places.  Sitting at a restaurant bar to have dinner – yes.  Saying “table for one” to a hostess – maybe.  Hitting a dance club – absolutely not.  No matter if I’m alone or with a group, I can usually strike up a casual conversation with strangers sitting next to me.  I only back off, way off, if my new friend starts to get too personal…or creepy – you know the type.

Are you outgoing or reserved?  Do you ever go places alone and meet new people?

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